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  1. hey man...are u actually from perth?

  2. From Showbiz: Muscle Museum (Just over Showbiz) From Origin of Symmetry: Citizen erased From Absolution: RBS From Black Holes and Revelations: TAB From Hullabaloo: Shrinking Universe B-side: Fury
  3. Any chance I could get the code off someone? I've been a fan/on the forums for years, but not much of a heavy user, I joined the mailing list ages ago, but I've never got any emails from Muse, think I messed it up or something. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
  4. Okay I have a really strict budget of £100, and I can get an ME-20 for 100, but I can't see any korg ax3000g for less than a lot more that, ME worth getin? Or any other options for around that price? Need to order this stuff this evenin, so any feedback would be apreciated.
  5. Ooo, touché. Thanks for that, I'll have to see if I can stretch the budget, if not it'l be the ME-20.
  6. Ah right right, well I'm just lookin for something to mess around on like, not looking any madness like, thanks for the help.
  7. oh right, tasty, it's got deadly reviews. Although I can't see any below £150 and theres non on ebay, sigh.
  8. Worth buyin? I've like 100 max to spend. It's that or a few pedals, but I'm a bit of a noob, so I was thinkin a multi fx would do the job just for getin general sounds. Got a yahmaha pacifica 112V and an orange crush 10 amp.
  9. I'm goin all out on the water proof terms, bugger jeans, im just gona rock out with trackies, far handier, then water proof coat, and a hat, and im set, old shoes too actually, just in case.
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