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  1. Hi guys, I just purchased an ANIMATO pedal on this website: http://www.humangear.net/productdetails-en/category/human-gear-effects/article/human-gear-animato.html It's a one man dealer who runs also a website called Cotton Musical Shop in germany, he told me that his human gear business was quite recent... at first I was suspicious because i heard that it was no longer in production and the Japanese shops didn't ship to foreign countries. But yeah, what the hell I ordered it anyway and i got it this morning so i wanted to share this information with you cuz I know some of you were looking for this quite rare piece of gear. and I can tell you that on my YBA300, it kick ass So go for it, the dude is also really nice. contact him by e-mail if you are interested cuz the ordering system on the website doesn't work right... Alexandre from Brussels
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