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  1. so the cd one doesnt have the video?
  2. I have an haarp album and it doesnt fit with my haarp concert video.And i cant find the concert video of my album HAARP.The one which has 'micro cuts' and which has not 'soldiers poem'
  3. Here is almost all muse songs in my archive guitarpro files.Im sure you will find what you need.Here you go folks! http://turbobit.net/8gianc4yp7w6.html
  4. does anyone know about this??
  5. what do we insert there???
  6. No i mean those things on the guitar,not on the fuzz. Must i do the wood removing thing? Does everyone who bought it do that thing?
  7. how do we built that into guitar? if its not the volume thing,then what does matt do at the video that i sent on last post?
  8. Im going to buy zvex fuzz factory.Im just wondering does the fuzz assigns those volume up-down things on guitar as a effect maker? Im sure that i cant explain so look at this: I hope now you guys get me! How does that come up with that effect by volume upping that thing on guitar.I have that thing on my guitar too,everyone does have but how????
  9. what does matters between them? and where the fuck i can get one of them??
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