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    2006 - T on the Fringe, Edinburgh
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    2010 - Wembley (Sat & Sun)
    2012 - SECC, Glasgow
    2013 - Etihad, Manchester
    2016 - Hydro, Glasgow
  1. A friend said she thought the 'Thought Contagion' bit in the chorus was actually 'f*cking santa' I can't unhear that now
  2. That's how I read it and that's how it worked at the Wembley shows from memory. My days of being on the pitch are long over. My poor wee feet cant handle it now
  3. hmmm..mine says pitch standing/standing. What option did you select?
  4. I'm having this issue too (I'm guessing as I have ~ in my username). I have my code from buying the album in the presale. Do I need to log into the site to buy tickets or can someone pleeaaasseee change my username before 10am tomorrow
  5. I'm having exactly the same issue and stressing out here
  6. Thanks all. List tweaked and handed over
  7. Showbiz - Muscle Museum OOS - New Born <--- the song that started off my obsession with Muse Absolution - Hysteria Blackholes - Map of the Problematique Resistance - Uprising 2nd Law - Madness Drones - Handler <--- currently my fave Muse track of all time!
  8. I've been asked by a friend to make an ultimate 'Muse' playlist for a cycling holiday he's going on. I've drawn up a list of 31 songs that I think would motivate me to keep cycling but I'm unsure if i've excluded (or included) songs through personal taste. Suggestions of adds/removes would be welcome. The only criteria is any slow songs are out. Time is running out Stockholm Syndrome Hysteria Take a Bow Starlight Supermassive Black hole Map of the Problematique Knights of cydonia Dead star In your world The Groove Dead Inside Psycho Reapers Handler Fury Uno New Born Bliss Plug In baby Citizen Erased Sunburn Sober Supremacy Madness Panic Station Animals Isolated System Uprising Resistance MK Ultra
  9. I want to like this but its Rod Stewart 'Sailing' meets Dire Straits and it makes me cringe
  10. After seeing all the posts on FB, I decided to check out the ticket prices for the Brazil gigs. I see half price fan club tickets for around R$ 160,00, that's about £33. Is it muse.mu fans or something else?
  11. Absolutely gutted I missed out on tickets...and all because I didn't see the email until after 7pm last night and I had to work today. How dare I have a life/commitments and not spend every waking second checking my emails!!!
  12. ~Bliss~

    Psycho UK Tour

    I've missed out on Glasgow too and I'm working tomorrow. Not impressed
  13. They're really good. Surprised they haven't done any of there own stuff if they play Muse covers that well!
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