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  1. Absolution and BH&R are two albums I never feel the need to skip on I ranked showbiz above OoS as there are fewer skip tracks. I've never got the obsession people seem to have with origin. Absolution is the album that made me love them I think that's why it will always be my number one and why I love everything about it.
  2. I can't rank them but I can't tell you I have 3 stand out shows August 2017 SBE April 2008 RAH June 17th 2007 Wembley Stadium The most fun time I've her had was in teignmouth for the weekend for seaside rendezvous. worst gig Richo Arena
  3. I saw them once during the 2nd Law was the worst Muse gig I've ever been too. I think I stopped listening to them for a bit after I was that disheartened about what had happened to "my band"
  4. Absolution Black Holes and revelations Showbiz Origin of Symmetry The Resistance Simultion Theory Drones somewhere in outta space the 2nd Law
  5. I find this so true, The bulk of shows I saw them was during bh&r and resistance era and nothing except for SBE has really come close. I think since the 2nd law came out I've seen them 4 times, once 2nd law era 3 times drones. I still call them my favourite band and think tjere great live but I just dont connect with live show as much as back when I first saw them live. MoTP is one of my faves I'd have heard it live once if I'd only started watching the band post 2nd law which was on the drones tour last year
  6. I'm quite fortunate in the songs I've seen live compared to some. This list made me remeber how KOC wasn't always the closer one gig it was middle of the set, starlight was weird closer once. How I love the Tab >PiB>KoC closer in 2010. More than anything I miss the old setlist, I know bands evolve Ann all that but oh for those memories. Sunburn x1 Muscle Museum x1 Cave x3 Showbiz x3 Unintended x2 Newborn x12 Bliss x6 Space dementia x2 Hyper Music x1 Plug in Baby x15 Citizen Erased ×5 Microcuts x1 Screenager x1 Darkshines x 1 Feeling good x 8 Megalomania x2 Apocalypse Please x 1 Time is Running Out x 14 Sing for Absolution x 2 Stockholm Syndrome x 13 Hysteria x 13 Blackout x 2 Butterflies and Hurricanes x 5 Rules by Secrecy x 1 Take a Bow x8 Starlight x 14 Supermassive Black hole x 14 Map of the Problematique x10 Soliders poem x 2 Invincible x 4 Assasin x 1 Hoodoo x 1 Knights of Cydonia x 15 Uprsing x 10 Reststance x 8 Undisclosed desires x 8 United States of Eurasia x 6 Guiding Light x 5 Unnatural Selection x 6 Mk Ultra x 6 I belong to you x 1 Exogenesis part 1 x 4 Supremacy x1 Madness x 3 Panic Station x 1 Survival x 1 Animals x 1 Liquid State x 1 Unsustainable x 1 Isolated system x 3 Dead Inside x 1 Psycho x 2 Mercy x 2 Reapers x 1 The Handler x 1 The Globalist x 1 Drones x 1 JFK x1 Dig Down x 1 Dead Star x 3 Glorious x 1 Yes Please x 1 Fury x 2 Forced In x 4 Popcorn x 2 Nishe x 2 Neutron Star Collison x1 Easily x 1 Futurism x 1 Back in black x 1 Dracula Mountain x 1 MK Jam x2 Helsinki Jam x 1 Munich Jam x 2 Monty Jam x 1 Osaka Jam x 2
  7. Well the Bristol gig is closer and generally more convenient but no I can't swap be cause technically you aren't swapping as you have to buy a ticket for Bristol then ask for a refund on the original order. Looks like I'm stuck with london
  8. I doubt there will be a 2nd date with how slow these dates are selling Wembley best place I've been to a gig and find it easy to get out of. Only ever been Twickenham for the rugby and find the management of the whole are great don't know if its the same for gigs
  9. Golden circle back in 2007 was you just had to turn up early to get in it, that's the only time I've known a UK golden circle at a muse gig. Didn't have them at the resistance stadium shows
  10. Ticket master didn't let me down tickets went on sale 9.59 so had my ticket in basket before 10am
  11. All it keeps doing is using my username off of here when I try to do it and reset it even though before it was nothing to do with the login for the members area I've changed the email address linked to this account to see if that would help, nope still associates to this account and will not let me update my password
  12. I've tried resetting my muse.mu password and it keeps telling me I've got illegal characters in my name lets me send the email to reset; go via the email to reset my password and all it will not let me do it just constantly flags up as illegal characters in my name (where it linking to this username on here rather than just using my email address entered)
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