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  1. :). I presume you are well?
  2. :chuckle:

    Hello m'dear.

  3. Hello. I just wanted to greet. Thanks.

  4. Hi

    Na wie geht es dir? Wann bist du denn mal wieder online?

    Liebe Grüße :)

  5. It was jest yes, but it would not have been posted had I known this. Very sorry. I'll remove or edit the post.

  6. Taking it easy? That's not very Samanthrax haha :p

  7. lol, ntm..just veggin. had a crazy night, and i start my new job on monday so i'm just takin 'er easy! :D



    Yo what up?

  9. So you're a mod now? Nice one. Yo!

  10. i am so friggen JEALOUS!!!! lucky! :indiff:

  11. Yep same same! I started to like them lots just when they split up in 2000. Saw them live in 2008 though. BEST GIG EVER :awesome :

  12. om ghtat's awesome!! they're my favorite to sing at karaoke..they were like my fav. band all through high school. aaaahh i love them. :happy:

  13. hahaha I'm glad someone knew where it came from! :awesome: I'm in a RATM cover band (lead vocalist :D). Gotta have the lyrics around so I remember it! :p

  14. ooh, i love your undertitle btw! the microphone explodes shattering the moulds, either drop the hits like de la o, or get the fuck off the commode.. :awesome:

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