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    I'm Chase and well I'm really good at being unskillful at stuff :P
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    In your fancy shirt pocket!
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    Stormy, bass guitar. music, films, going to gigs and reading
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    Moping around in dark alley ways
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    Muse, Radiohead, System of a Down, and Rage Against the Machine
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    Indie and Foreign Films
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    The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Lord of the Flies, The Old Man and The Sea. and Night
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    Proud owner of all except the singles
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  1. I miss you chase~:supersad:

    I'm hoping one day you'll come back~:kiss::kiss:

  2. CHASE!! :supersad: :supersad: :supersad: Where are you??


    I miss you!! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

  3. I miss you Chase:kiss::kiss::kiss:

  4. where are you..??

  5. We all miss you Chase, where are you????? :(

  6. Heeeey errrrr are you still alive??? :erm:


    Well anyhooooo I miss you foo! :p




  7. Oh and yes...name change for sure! My name was such a noob name anyway haha


    Hey and I thought you were suppose to change your username for that one girl you like!




  8. You're right! All of it! In fact you almost made me tear up in that message :$:LOL: But as of lately...I think I'm falling in love! :eek: I know I am because if someone asked me to take a bullet for him...I think I might. There's just been some changes in me and I realized how much I took him for granted. But honestly I've never felt like this before soz iz is scared!


    How about you ever felt like this??? Oh and how was Christmas??? If you're wondering...mine was fun minus the fact that I received some crappy presents. :LOL:



  9. I play flute for the school band. The conductor gives us chords, and we learn them. This year, for the show, we're going to play songs like Harry Potter's theme, Jurassic Park, Swan Lake... I'd love to learn some Muse songs with a friend too :happy:


    I spent a lot of time with my family last week, because it was Christmas. I was fun =) I have a few days off, but I'm working too. Tonight, I'm planning on going out with my friends. School only begin on january 17th, so I still have time.


    What about you?? And Merry (late) Christmas !



  10. aha, yes. well. im at home for the night, but ive actually been kicked out of my house cuz i quit my job. :$ ive been crashing on my buddys couch since last wednesday. its pretty gay but id rather be unemployed and homeless than working and miserable. as soon as i worked my first graveyard shift i realized it was not for me, and the parents didnt handle the news very well soo.. ive already applied at a bunch of places. im kindof having like a quarter life crisis and i cant really decide what i wanna do so im just gonna roll with whatever happens first. either finding a decent job and getting out of debt so i can go teach english overseas, but i might also take a bartending course and see if that can get me anywhere ..and then what i really wanna do which is get into body modification, but thats way easier said than done soo ye, well see. i pretty much just cant wait for all this christmas shite to be over so i can actually go out job hunting without everywhere being a fuckin zoo! anywho, ttyl! :D

  11. i'll tell you where i'm from,but don't misjudge me for that(media..) i'm from Iran! and no Christmas here:( so,you guys are having fun during the holidays and we're having exams!:(

    and yeah,i think Andres is a Latin name,haha, so you're 1/4 italian..and the other 3/4 is American? :p

    HAVE FUN :kiss: and Happy New Year btw! :happy:

  12. We are the same then love! Whatever land I tread....whichever skies I traverse...however many miles away...YOU will always be here in my heart baby! :kiss: By the way...I wanted to apologize for not replying back to you soon enough! I was busy with Uni but now I am on vacation for the holidays. Are you doing anything special for Christmas...perhaps another trip to Paris?? ;)


    :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:



  13. Er name change? :D Oh and what are you doing for Christmas??

  14. Hey don't ever feel that way with me Claudia. You just wrote me what you felt at the time and it doesn't bother me one bit hun. So now that that is out of the way you know what I think you should do?? You should dye your hair blue, go to crazy concerts, go to silly places, get a tattoo, drink like a little guppy, and make lame inuendos. :p It's like the Muse song Blackout goes,"Don't grow up to fast, and don't embrace the past...this life's too good to last". Just live it out...er but be careful though 'cause I do care about you! Oh and if it doesn't work-out with your boyfriend...there's always me. No jk haha we live too far but point is you need someone who WANTS to be with you and not only hangs out with you because he feels he HAS to or because he wants something from you. I don't think you deserve that. I hope you find someone who you deserve and who deserves you too hun.


    I love you and take care hun!


    xxx :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

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