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  1. Yeah be good to know this. Are they doing anything special? If not I can go and happily watch Underworld instead.
  2. Drones: Reapers The Handler [JFK] + Defector
  3. Ha, yeah I drift back now and again ;)

  4. Nice to see you back around the board again :awesome:

  5. You're welcome :)

    It's going alright. Could be better, though lol. How about you?

  6. Haha, why thanks :p

    So how's it going?

  7. :D :D :D :D

    I thought I would never find another 'Mats fan here. You are offically my favorite as well

  8. Fellow Mats fans <3

    You're my new favourite person.

  9. I finish the 1st :(

    Aha. I think i'll give that a pass. They would be fun though.

  10. Aye, I don't finish 'til the 28th :(. But then, freedom - three weeks of debauchery. Wheatus are playing Barfly too :awesome:.

  11. Haha.

    Not too bad, exams are getting to me a bit though. How about you? You finished now?

  12. Fnar fnar, chars chum :LOL:.


    How be it? Exams and stuff to come or are you done for the year?

  13. One of Clunge's finest performances in the Protest thread haha!

  14. Unfortunately not so quickly this time /fail

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