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  1. Waited 9 years to see them in Wales. Thought it would never happen Who's going?
  2. New Born Bliss Panic Station Map of the Problematique Falling Away With You Citizen Erased MK Ultra Butterflies and Hurricanes City of Delusion Hoodoo Thoughts of a Dying Atheist Ruled by Secracy
  3. Showbiz: Sunburn Cave Unintended Origin: New Born x5 Bliss Space dementia Hyper Music Plug in Baby x5 Citizen Erased x4 Micro Cuts x2 Screenager Darkshines Feeling Good x4 Megalomania Absolution: Time is Running Our x5 Stockholm Syndrome x5 Hysteria x5 Blackout Butterflies and Hurricanes x2 BHaR: Take a Bow x2 Starlight x5 Supermassive Black Hole x5 Map of the Problematique x4 Soldiers Poem Invincible City of Delusion Hoodoo Knights of Cydonia x5 The Resistance Uprising x4 Resistance x4 Undisclosed Desires x4 United States of Eurasia x4 Guiding Light x3 Unnatural Selection x2 Overture x2 Where the Streets Have No Name, Man of Mystery and Nishe.
  4. (Whats he building intro) Dead Star Hysteria Map of the Problematique MK Ultra Citizen Erased Ruled By Secrecy Sunburn Space Dementia (Guitar Outro) Assassin Fury Time is Running Out Plug in Baby Screenager Stockholm Syndrome Take a Bow Encore 1 Sing for Absolution Muscle Museum Bliss (Extended) Encore 2 Micro Cuts Megalomania Thought i'd give it a shot, be ideal for me
  5. Exogenesis is waaaaaaaay over hyped it lacks that extra level in cross pollination towards the end and redemption was a let down since i was expecting it to be heavy anyways the positives overture is different and i like it and well at least it sort of flows but considering all the build up i was expecting my ears to cave in on first listen to Exogenesis but oh well sort of fits with the rest of the album, good but nothing special ( except i belong to you ) looks like i should have gone to specsavers
  6. Megalomania-Paradise comes at a price that i am not prepared to pay Apocalypse Please-Come on its time we saw a miracle, come on its time for something biblical Unnatural Selection-Dedication to a new age is this the end of destruction and rampage
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