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  1. I feel it would be more appropriate to compare gl with explorers. It seems that matt made invincible and thought, how can I recycle the chords to everybody's changing by Keane.... Twice? I know, give it a different name and put it on two separate albums. I am a genius! Or maybe he just didn't notice.... Glad the rest of the album blew my head off the resistance made me sad, but it appears that t2l has brought me back to the forums after.... What like 4 years.... More? And returning to a forum has revived my love of dots......... Apparently...... ..... .
  2. Just thought i'd put this out there. I've heard from a friend in the industry that the dubstep was put out to create a buzz and that it is only one small part of one song. Which makes me happy
  3. are you the new tom kirk? also, i was with my gf when i put the bbc footage on, and the tv was down, did i hear whats he building in there just before newborn? edit: if i could have your babies, know that i would want them and stalk and rape you for them! utter legend. i missed it because my boss wouldn't give me the time off and i now hate him!
  4. i don't think they are any less amazing for using the backing track, i was just surprised and doubtful, based on what i've seen and heard in my 10 years as a fan. i've never been dissapointed about anything except for their last album (bar exogenesis and possibly mk ultra/unnatural selection)
  5. i meant i was inclined to agree with you. and them playing the worng songs, regardess of it being that they may have misread the setlist, i was using it as an example of how they can't have a backing track cause if one of them played the wrong song, you would hear the actual song continue to play their instruments for them. i knew he was wrong, i just didn't have any wits about me (heavily drunk) to argue back.. wait till i see him later on!
  6. i think overproduced might have been the wrong choice of word, but i think you know what i meant by it anyway. He said they've been doing it only since they started doing stadium gigs, ie Wembley and that. still i'm inclined to agree, i've seen mistakes all over the place, i saw a vid on youtube of chris starting time is running out and dom playing starlight.. so if they have a track playing to them in their ears one of them must be deaf...
  7. i need to either quash or confirm this... a friend told me that he worked behind the scenes for a bit and a man called Des told him, if dom drops his sticks or matt fucks up or something they turn the cd up which they all have playing in their monitors... i told him this can't be true, i've seen them live many times, and i know the sounds on the cd's so well i could replicate them with my mouth, lol. i can play a split second of any muse track and tell you what it is. straight away! no problem! (well actually its a split second of the intro but i didn't say that to him cause it didn't seem as strong of a counter argument, and i was taken completely by suprise when he told me) i also told him that i know they use backing tracks to accompany them, but thats only cause their recent albums have been over-produced... and thinking about it now they play their live songs so differently and matt sings them differently so how can it be? i just need someone to confirm that either one of us is right. and only if you know. if you don't then feel free to discuss it.
  8. I'll just leave these here seSIGZLjXxM gYunGcW4Ubg MUSE BOTB 1994 for your fapping pleasure matts 16 or 17 there... insane how good they are on their instruments. also <3 chris's slappa da bass solo
  9. i think its way to similar to be coincidence, same chords, arrpeggiated, missing the right hand, the left hand uses a different chord to the right hand in newborn, where the Em just has a flattened 3rd. whereas the right hand plays B major, in this rap song it follows the left hand's chords exactly, just a few random extra notes. All that aside, maybe they did get permission. anyone know what the song title translates to?
  10. It depends on the support acts, ie. how many of them there are. it seems that theres gonna be Lily Allen The Big Pink and White Rabbits meaning your probably looking at the support bands starting at 5 once most people are in and muse starting at about 7 or 8, i'm assuming that the support acts get about 30 to 45 mins with some changeover time, and when muse actually come on theres usually a larger wait. This is mainly from experience though i've only been to 5 shows myself and its been different each time. i'd wait to see what other musers say as i've never been to a gig in london.
  11. It's not that bad, Thought it was a bit theatre-ish at the start before the guitar, a bit like Rufus Wainwright which is great cause I love his music almost as much as muse. the chorus is actually kinda catchy, which proves this song was designed for a pop audience, or twilight fans. I feel that NSC is certainly valid as a song, the piano at the end when matt starts humming/ooooing follows the last couple of chords in falling away with you which always makes me listen to the end because its the best part of the song by far. But for those of you who hate NSC, Just remember, it's for twilight so who really gives a f**k
  12. just lock the thread, no one really knows what the album is gonna be like because everyone has different tastes and opinions. If we are gonna discuss it there are other threads for that. if we are gonna argue about it theres a cliff to jump off for that.
  13. The point is that everyone has to realise, is that 30 seconds is a very short amount of time, there is 30 seconds of alot of songs by alot of bands that i don't like, but i do like the song in its entirety. someone stated something about how itunes only offers the piano from newborn and the chorus from plug in baby... this is exactly what i'm talking about i like the clips myself, but i am not keen on Resistance, or the first 15 seconds or so of MK Ultra, But i also really like the guitar solo in Guiding Light as it reminds me of One of the songs from Final Fantasy 7. and i really like Unnatural Selection because it reminds me of SS. The thing is MK Ultra and Resistance might turn out to be my favorite tracks whereas Guiding Light and Unnatural Selection might be the worst. I don't know yet But the main thing i disagree with in this thread are the people who have gone past forming opinions, the people who are saying they want it to be like the old albums.. First of all that would suck, who wants to go out and bu OOS again?? But secondly, you don't even know what album its like... the first part of my post describes how 30 seconds is not enough to base an opinion on (good or bad) so how can it also be enough to say what each song sounds most like In summary. If iTunes offered us the first 30 seconds of United States of Eurasia (assuming the hunt never occured), Would you like it? Would you change your mind after hearing the rest... because i would.. and did during the hunt..
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