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  1. Người mẫu Singapore tố "yêu râu xanh" chụp lén chỗ nhạy cảm, đồng phục tiếp viên hàng không được bán ở chợ đen, mỹ nữ Hàn mặc váy ngắn mà hớ hênh là những tin tức hot nhất trong ngày.

    trung tâm đào tạo tiếng anh

    tiếng anh newlight








    Vừa qua, trong một triển lãm xe hơi ở Singapore, người mẫu 9X Miki Ace đã lên tiếng vạch mặt một người đàn ông vì chỉ chuyên chụp lén những chỗ nhạy cảm. Trên trang cá nhân, cô khẳng định vì nhìn thấy "gã yêu râu xanh" này có cử chỉ lén lút nhắm ống kính máy ảnh vào mình nhiều lần nên cảm thấy nghi ngờ từ đầu.

  2. Ah thanks! Btw. I enjoy listening to these.. erm.. plugged bands. Some of them are utter crap so I laugh my ass off and some are really good, so in both cases they are all enjoyable.
  3. ...Well. I have never heard them clean without fx. But considering the construction (I must be solid as a rock to be Matt-proof) and the quality of the components used it'll probably sound ok
  4. To have the most control over the feedback you also need to be able to control the Comp and Drive knobs.. The volume of the guitar does have effect on the feedback as well, but in my experience it only affects it in the max output and minimum output area's of you guitars volume. (at least on my tele) I think you either have to built one in or have it very nearby (I got it hanging on my strap... with rubber bands..) I don't think only controlling the stab (probe) will be sufficient.. so I'd say get the FF.. but I'm sure some will disagree.. Cu,.
  5. Mmmm... I got a strat and a tele (both single coils I believe) and I got no problems of getting really loud harmonics with my FF... the trick is to discover where to play those harmonics... (I mean it's harmonics after all...) especially.. the hand that holds the pick.. I'm getting the really loud ones right above the bridge pickup (yes it works both for tele and strats for me...) whilst above the neck pickup they're almost unaudible.. (ok.. I'm assuming that you mostly use the bridge, bridge/middle pickups anyway..) Good luck!
  6. I bought mine from buzzfox, I got in 2 days.. from canada to the netherlands, total was about 240 euros. So good service.
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