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Vagalume Awards: Musebrasil.com


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Hi there!


I'm not sure this is the right place, if it's not, a mod can move or lock the thread!


So there's this Brazilian website awards going on, the Vagalume Awards 2010, and we would like to ask for you help, musers! Our website, Musebrasil.com, is competing in the "Best Fansite" category! Voooote for us, please?! :)


We realise it might seem a little, erm, pointless to compete against bieber, gaga, jonas brothers and twilight websites, lol, but it's worth a try, right?!


We submitted ourselves a little late, that's why we're still ages behind the 3 first positions. :(


Click here, enter the 4-number code and confirm your vote!!


Pleeeeeeeease we would so very much appreciate your help!


Thank you in advance!

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