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matt looks like enya?


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Last night I was watching a new enya music video because I wanted to see what she looked like when she sang those trippy songs and I was astonished at the resemblence between her and the Muse guy (i love muse, and coincidentally OH MY GOSH THIS IS SO WEIRD!!!!!! ENYA JUST STARTED PLAYING ON MY MUSE PANDORA RADIO STATION!!!!! :LOL::LOL: .... but as i was saying, I love Muse but didn't know the lead's name, guess it's Matt?) and so tonight I said to myself "someone else MUST have noticed this. They're like identical twins." So I popped on google and the first thing that shows up is "Muse looks like Enya?" I just started laughing. For anyone who doesn't quite see it, watch an Enya video. That photo at the top of the thread doesn't do the resemblence justice. Thanks for the thread. (I registered here just to say this... peace out.... man, Enya is still playing... on Pandora... this is a little bit psychodelic. I feel like i should keep typing until she stops. But I won't. That is what I think of superstition)

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