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Birmingham Arena gig


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14 minutes ago, Claudia O said:

Not from Birmingham, The Void is missing on this list 😉

Apparently they were handing out a lot of London night 2 sets at Birmingham for some reason, guessing that’s where the confusion of TV being on some came from.

I’m just relieved as anything they didn’t play Blockades 😂

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Add another two gutted when the b-stage dropped after Dig Down. Were soooo looking forward to hearing The Void. Irony is that OH is working in Amsterdam at the moment and we thought for a mo about getting tickets for the Ziggo, but I couldn't get over there, then she couldn't get back for the O2 gigs, so we ended up in Birmingham and missed out both ways. Drat!

Overall a good gig, and chuffed to have seen it in darkness from the start. Really appreciated the show more over the first few songs than was possible at London or Bristol. Wonder what the band's view of this tour is though. It echoed the look and feel of the album really well, but was so staged and choreographed there was very little room for spontaneity, let alone impromptu setlist rotation. So not so much for the die-hard fans going multiple times, and makes me wonder if it'd get a bit samey for the band too. Matt's comments last night about this being a long tour... hmm.  Also said it would be their last gigs in the UK for a while, so unless he's deliberately misinforming, the hope of some that we might get some extras associated with the 'Origin' release at the end of year don't sound too likely. More's the pity.

@andyindauk, don't suppose you took that photo of the setlist after one of the mixing desk crew said you could see and take a pic of it, but not take the paper itself away? If that was you, we were walking behind you just as that conversation took place! 😃


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Sadly not me, some guy got it before me from the mixing desk though. I thought due to the late start that TV was dropped but seemed it was never due to be played sadly. Totally agree with your thoughts tho, much better indoors with the lighting but thought the stage and sounds was smaller than the outdoor gigs

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This was my first time in Birmingham arena. Great concert but I missed the first few songs due to hassle with my seats and people sitting a few rows behind me. When booking the seats (2nd row Upper block 10) I was assured that I could stand up and step towards and lean against the railing (am ambulant disabled and need to alternate between sitting and standing).  First the stewards refused me, several times, to stand anywhere apart from immediately in front of my seat. Even a bit towards the left earned me a reprimande. "they will all be standing up anyway" they told me. So, I stood in front of my seat (not a single mm out of line). However, that was not to the liking of a few people in rows behind me who became very verbal and shouted "sit the f... down" and continued to shout at me what they would do to me if I did not sit down. Very unpleasant. So, I sat down. Started to hurt badly soon because there was hardly any room  for my legs which were pressing very hard into the seat infront of me and I has to sit twisted. The seating area is very cramped (worst I have encountered in a music venue). Stood up. More verbal abuse. My companion then walked over to the stewards who refused again to let us move to other seats despite the fact that there were quite a few empty nearby. Eventually the supervisor moved us to other seats where there was no problem with standing up now and then. Brilliant seats because they were closer to the stage. So, that was good but it took me a little while to start to enjoy the show because I had become a bit down after the verbal abuse.

I was most looking forward to Psycho and Uprising. Missed both of these due to the hassle. Just watched them on Youtube. How crazy is that? Go to a concert and then have to watch  what you missed on Youtube. Not the same atmosphere at all. 

I looked around the arena and noticed that almost all of the people with seats were staying put in their seats. Not something I have encountered at other pop music gigs. I also went to the concert in Bristol and that was nicer. Muse was just as excellent of course, but the whole atmosphere was friendlier and more relaxed. No problems with standing up and bobbing up and down to the music. No problems with moving an inch away from your seat. No verbal abuse. I did not mind the fact that it was still light at the beginning of the show in Bristol. There was a spectacular sunset right above the stage. Beautiful. 

Because I am relatively new to Muse (I know...where have I been) I was using my mobile a lot in Bristol for photos and video clips. Loved the show but came away feeling I missed part of it due to the filming. When they put on an extra show in Birmingham I immediately purchased two more tickets with the intention to leave the mobile in my pocket (whch I did most of the time). So, I am gutted that I missed part of the show and in such an unpleasant way.  Muse, please come back to Bristol again  later this year and I will get another ticket. Third time lucky? 😉

I am curious and wonder what anyone else thinks of Birmingham arena   It certainly seemed to me that the people with standing tickets had a great time . Maybe I was just 'unlucky'



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