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  1. Couldn't get to a screening, so this is educated guesswork, but there's an obvious explanation for that: The film has been shot at 25 frames per second, and has (deliberately or accidentally) been run at standard 24fps film frame rate. The same issue works the other way round when films are speeded up from 24 to 25fps when shown on British broadcast TV - the pitch is raised a semitone unless it's corrected digitally. Modern cinemas tend not to have experienced projection staff the way they did back in the days of celluloid, and it could also be that some projectors simply aren't capable of showing 25fps material. The screening of the T2L Rome gig we went to had to be restarted after the first five or six minutes had the wrong aspect ratio and masking settings, so nothing would surprise me nowadays. Nice to hear a positive review, looking forward to watching it. Oh edited to add - those of you who've seen it, is The Void in it? Feel free to reply with spoiler tags if you feel the need!
  2. Can't see this mentioned on another thread anywhere, so... Matt posted this yesterday: And https://www.mansonguitarworks.com/index.cfm/news/manson-meta-series-launched-147 Going to be interesting to see the quality and sales - and what this means for the high end signature guitars.
  3. You could say it's a bandwidth saver gift, given that it'll save those of us who've already got OoM some bandwidth. ๐Ÿคจ At least it's a good track. Merry Xmas y'all! ๐ŸŒฒ
  4. Mega. Very raw - in the best way. No obvious cleanup going on, really good. And I wonder whether there's Q-Sound or something else been added to it to give it more 3D depth. It almost sounds like a surround sound recording at times - even though there's nothing coming out of my rear speakers. There's so much depth in parts of it - the piano at the beginning of SD in particular.
  5. Add another two gutted when the b-stage dropped after Dig Down. Were soooo looking forward to hearing The Void. Irony is that OH is working in Amsterdam at the moment and we thought for a mo about getting tickets for the Ziggo, but I couldn't get over there, then she couldn't get back for the O2 gigs, so we ended up in Birmingham and missed out both ways. Drat! Overall a good gig, and chuffed to have seen it in darkness from the start. Really appreciated the show more over the first few songs than was possible at London or Bristol. Wonder what the band's view of this tour is though. It echoed the look and feel of the album really well, but was so staged and choreographed there was very little room for spontaneity, let alone impromptu setlist rotation. So not so much for the die-hard fans going multiple times, and makes me wonder if it'd get a bit samey for the band too. Matt's comments last night about this being a long tour... hmm. Also said it would be their last gigs in the UK for a while, so unless he's deliberately misinforming, the hope of some that we might get some extras associated with the 'Origin' release at the end of year don't sound too likely. More's the pity. @andyindauk, don't suppose you took that photo of the setlist after one of the mixing desk crew said you could see and take a pic of it, but not take the paper itself away? If that was you, we were walking behind you just as that conversation took place! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  6. We're living in a time where buying a ticket for the gig gets you a free copy of the album it's promoting. Yes it is a sign of the times, unfortunately.
  7. The simplest explanation for the Sept dates not being on the shirts is that they were only announced at the beginning of April - and that the artwork for the clothing was finalised and sent to production before then. And yes most likely that the same stage/set/etc is going to run through the whole tour. Again no obvious reason for a stack more money, rehearsal time/etc to be spent producing something completely different in the middle of the tour. Some gradual evolution in the setlist is probably about as much as we can hope for now. Plus, as I said above, by September in Europe, it'll be pretty much dark by the time the Muse set starts.
  8. As the other Matt said, it was a compilation of stuff that fitted in with the theme of the show. Think he's right about a bit of Stranger Things being in there, but if you want some other pointers, this is the one you probably already know, and this and this are two others you might not. Think I heard another John Carpenter cut at one point too. And as a bonus I was quite suprised not to hear Planisphere by Justice, which used to be a fixture on Muse's pre-gig PA - to the point that on a couple of tours it was the last track played before they came on. If you don't know it, find it - it's awesome.
  9. Interesting, didn't spot that. Bliss wasn't performed after DD in London mind - that came after Unsustainable I think, although it's always possible there might have been a plan to play something else in Bristol in a different slot. You'd also figure that, given the on-stage extras, and the amount of video playback etc that needs to be cued up for each song, the setlist is going to be nailed down in advance - to the point it's unlikely that the band could just decide to skip a song mid-gig, so maybe more likely the guitar tech getting mixed up than anything else. Like Claudia said, would be really interesting to know which guitar it was, if you had a clear enough view of it.
  10. Weelll, we really enjoyed that. And having doubled up after Saturday, thought it was in almost every way the better gig. Far less hassle travel-wise - easier for other half to get to Bristol from West London than it was for us to get from hers to Stratford and into the stadium. None of that overblown behaviour from the stewards, smaller stadium meant the stage looked more imposing - and better sound where we were (by the B-stage, both times), and a much livelier crowd too. It's a really fabulous show (deliberate italics). Everything from the stage design to the 'extra's and their costumes and most of the setlist choices tie in perfectly to the theme of the album. And it has totally changed our opinions on Break It To Me and Propaganda, which we were a bit meh about until hearing them live. But if there's one criticism, it's the static setlist. It (and the big hike in ticket prices over the last couple of tours) have reluctantly put us off looking into Manc, for one thing. Don't know how much of that is down to the level of choreography and rehearsal, but I can't see it being too difficult to swap out something like Mercy - when the only cues in that seemed to be the confetti and streamer cannons. And having Mercy *and* Starlight in the same set when they're so similar... TIRO too - maybe give that a rest once in a while. Given how much they've swapped things up on previous tours, I'm wondering whether the same show every night is going to start to bore the band a bit. Even Matt's chat seemed almost scripted, very similar across the two nights. Although on the upside, they were so tight musically, incredible. No whammy pedal fail on Reapers this time either. ๐Ÿ˜‚ And like someone said above, for what was as near to a hometown gig as they're going to get on this tour, it didn't have anything to really mark it out. @Jobby: you might be right on the 'Bliss slot' being cut because of timing, but last night still finished 10:45-ish - well before the curfew. They were a few minutes late coming on in London too (although probably still 10 minutes earlier than last night). Can't help but wonder whether another reason might have been the limp reception Bliss got from the London crowd - the group around us didn't react to it at all, and that seemed to be quite widespread looking at some of the YT vids. Might look into getting some tickets for Amsterdam in September. Cos she's going to be working out there, it'll be dark pretty much from the start of the show, and maybe by then they might have changed the setlist up a bit. We'll see ๐Ÿ™‚
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