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Lighting & Sound America - May 2010 cover feature


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I have a friend who works for a stage company, and she snagged this out of their office for me. It's an industry magazine about stage systems. Pretty spiffy! :happy: The article is an extensive description of everything used for the 3-pillar Resistance tour setup.


I left the scans pretty large, and there are 8 pages. So I am spoilering them.





















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I skimmed it pretty fast, but I thought it was great and interesting even if I didn't understand all of the technical aspects! Thank you for the scans. :happy:


I want to read this again later when I'm not so tired.

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I thought the panels were Stealth screen's orginally when I knew they folded up, I didn't realise they were 2 different brands.


This is similar to other articles I've read but no where near in depth. I didn't realise so much was going on in the background. It's the art-net protocol that I get lost at, I've got a bare understanding of DMX as it is. :LOL:


The best analogy I can read from is it's like going from a Coaxial daisy chained computer network to an IP star design network.


I guess the whole performers from above and down the steps was a concept that was never followed up.

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Thanks for sharing! Great feature on MUSE Shows. Very interesting, complex, and over the top at the same time! You get a great perspective of how much MUSE puts into their shows for their fans worldwide. Muse really loves what they do & they must break even, on touring.



guccigoogirl :D

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