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    Showbiz [cd]. Cave [UK promo EP cd]. Muscle Museum [clear vinyl 45, signed]. Origin of Symmetry [cd]. Plug In Baby [cd1+2]. Hyper Music [promo cd]. Hullabaloo Soundtrack [cd]. Absolution [cd]. Absolution [vinyl]. Butterflies & Hurricanes [promo cd]. Hysteria [promo cd]. Sing For Absolution [promo cd]. Time is Running Out [cd]. Black Holes & Revelations [cd]. Starlight [7" vinyl picturedisc]. Supermassive Black Hole [7" vinyl picturedisc]. Invincible [7" vinyl picturedisc]. The Resistance [cd+dvd]. The Resistance [vinyl]. Uprising [7" vinyl]. Uprising [cd]. Undisclosed Desires [dutch promo cd]. Undisclosed Desires [german cd]. Resistance [cd]. Resistance [7" vinyl picturedisc]. Resistance [digital]. Exogenesis: Symphony [12" vinyl]. Exogenesis: Symphony: Part 4 [digital] - their finest work. Hullaballoo [dvd]. Absolution Tour [dvd]. HAARP [cd+dvd].
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    2009.12.15 Seattle WA, WaMu Theater, 107.7 The End's Deck the Hall Ball

    2010.04.03 Portland OR, Rose Garden
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  1. Just finished another portrait, hooray! Cillian Murphy, an incredibly talented actor with unmistakable eyes and really great hair. Graphite on 11x14" Bristol board. Finished 04 April 2011.
  2. hey, I hadn't seen u around the board. But I should have known u would be in the art threads. :)

  3. Another one! Everyone's favourite seven-stringed beauty. Sculpey Premo! clay, acrylic paints and varnishes. I used a wash of gold for the woodgrain, so it shimmers. Finished 20 December 2010.
  4. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!! Mr Wolstenholme, you are x infinity.
  5. Ines - as usual! lolll! Most of you have probably seen this on dA or FB already, but I'll post it here anyway, because I haven't posted here in ages. the blue glows in the dark/blacklight.
  6. Absolutely hyena!!! You got his expression perfectly. *hearts* I've only given up on an image a few times.. I'm incredibly stubborn. lol
  7. Just popping in to say hello! Your art and photography are amazing!! :awesome:

  8. Made another pendant. This one took a lot of time, because of all the colour mixing, washes, and tiny details. I hope it lasts a long time, because I don't want to make another one very soon. My eyes and neck hurt for hours after doing all the detail work. I love wearing these
  9. I painted the background colour on these two canvases over a year ago, and just started working on it again a week ago. Silly me! I like how it turned out. I am very pleased with it. However, I am not pleased with the way the photo came out. I have very poor lighting in my room, and had to set up two lamps on either side of the painting. Still, it turned out a bit dark. Also, my camera doesn’t like the bright turquoise background colour – it insists on turning it a strange blueish hue. Photoshop doesn’t do much for it either.. it looks pretty bad on my screen, and I have no idea what it’ll look like on yours. Oh well, you can see what I meant, anyway. Too bad you can’t see the true, vivid paints.
  10. They are made of SculpeyIII clay, acrylic paints, glitter nail polish, and varnishes. And a hell of a lot of patience. *lol* I actually just made a New Delorean, because it doesn't have all the random stuff on it like the original did. Easier to put together. But, it's not all that spectacular, because it's all one metallic silver colour, so not a lot of definition. Maybe I'll try an old Delorean one of these days. The Lazer, at this point, would be impossible... can't cut tiny mirrors to that shape! lol. I am going to *try* to make a Bomber soon. No idea how well it'll turn out, but it's just keeping myself busy, so.. whatever.
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