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What to do for a guitar?


What to do for a guitar?  

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  1. 1. What to do for a guitar?

    • Gibson Les Paul Junior
    • Gibson Les Paul Studio
    • Hoodlebug Mattocaster
    • Build my own Mattocaster
    • Les Paul / Telecaster Hybrid

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Hey guys, pretty new around here, but not new on guitar.


Anyway, the time for a new guitar has come, and since muse has had a growing influence on my playing, I figured I'd have a look into some options for a new guitar, and let you guys decide etc..


So which guitar do I go for?



Hoodlebug's guitars are amazing, as are Gibsons, but would making one for myself be more rewarding and all that crap?

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out of those, i'd go with one of hooglebug's guitars. that way, you can get exactly what you want. it'll probably be a little more pricey than the LP studio, though.


i honestly can't give an opinion on building one, but i'm sure someone else can

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:wtf: Excuuuse me? Why don't you just go ask your mom to make you dinner, sweet little sixteen?


the whole mars bar thing is a knt joke, though i think he took it a bit far that time. females ARE rarely in here because we're all flaming homosexuals :$


EJD, mars bars are only required when paying a seller in knt for an item.


deary me




and 3 out of 8!! iv never been so popular in my life. woo


and i didn't vote yet - another vote for hooglebug. check your PMs in a few minutes, btw.

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:unsure: might get a bit dramatic...I already have the muse board as my drama fix:chuckle:


you don't know what you are missing, knt is the best breed of the homosex, my gay flatmate always gave me the weird looks when i spent my money on electronic shit instead of a good shampoo or fragrance, he is clearly inferior compared to us.

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