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Fave song on the ST deluxe/super deluxe

Claudia O

What's your fave from ST deluxe/super deluxe ?  

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  1. 1. What's your fave on ST deluxe/ super deluxe?

    • Algorithm arv
    • The dark side arv
    • Propaganda accoustic
    • The void accoustic
    • Dig down gospel
    • Pressure marching band
    • Break it to me remix
    • Something human accousic
    • Thought Contagion live
    • Dark side ar instrumental

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Finally, the Board is back! 

My favourite DV tracks may be The Dark Side AR, Algorithm AR, Propaganda AV and The Void AV. But I think UCLA Pressure and SH in acoustic also have their charm:  the first one for being basically bonkers, the second one because it's so so nice to listen to.

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