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NKT: Round 1, Match 1: Eternally Missed vs. MK Ultra


Eternally Missed vs. MK Ultra  

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  1. 1. Eternally Missed vs. MK Ultra

    • Eternally Missed
    • MK Ultra

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The first numbers drawn were 46 and 41, meaning the first match is:


Eternally Missed vs. MK Ultra.


My vote goes to MK Ultra; Eternally Missed simply doesn't match it. It isn't bad, but MK Ultra beats it in every sense.


Please leave your thoughts :)

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I like both songs but I think Eternally Missed is more special. The drum beat is really awsome (as drummer that's the main reason for me to like this song) and I think it's sounds so different then any other song ever made.

But MK Ultra is still an awsome song, but not awsome enough to beat Eternally missed.


Edit: and I don't really like there "hard" songs.

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Eternally Missed is better. It builds to an amazing climax and has emotion and depth; MK Ultra sounds a little artificial. And btw, I would make the voters for each option visible in future. In case of cheating. :)


Okay, I'll do that for the next one; I wasn't sure what people thought of that. Thanks.

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