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  1. Showbiz: Sunburn/Muscle Museum (MM is probably better live, but I really can't decide) OoS: New Born Absolution: Hysteria BH&R: Assassin/Exo/TaB (Really hard decision there. Hell, I'd take Starlight) Hullabaloo: Dead Star B-Side: Futurism (Come on Chris, if Geddy Lee can play YYZ, you can play this)
  2. Okay guys, thank you very much for all of your help. I've decided to go with Hysteria, and if I have the opportunity to play a second song, Futurism. I love that Led Zep line, but I don't think I could get that down to the state I have Hysteria (which I can do without looking at my bass, a little party trick of mine) within a week.
  3. I can really see something like RBS, Dom crying while walking off, and then a few minutes later, just as everyone's about to leave, Guiding Light Stockholm Syndrome/Citizen Erased/Knights of Cydonia just starting up.
  4. Hey guys, I wasn't sure if this should go here, but I suppose it is Muse-connected, and Banter didn't seem the right place. Basically, I play bass, have done for three years, and (according to teachers and friends) am pretty good. Not great, but good. I have an audition next Thursday (14/9), and am really unsure as to what to play. I've narrowed it down to a few songs: Muse - TIRO A great song, that I can play with real feeling, and can improvise over the top. My main concern is that it could be considered 'easy'. Muse - Hysteria Hysteria has always been a sort of 'trump card' of mine, as it is fast and impressive to family and friends, but not too difficult to play. However, any mistake is very difficult to recover from and I often try and speed it up too much. Muse - Futurism A great, fairly difficult bassline that I've just learned to play. I don't have the timing down quite yet, but I'm confident I can do that in the time. Seems like it would really impress and therefore my current first choice. RHCP - 21st Century My current favourite song, mainly because the bassline makes me feel like a total badass. There isn't much more to it than there is at first, and it's surprisingly difficult to play. It also sounds weird without the effects (that I don't have). RHCP - Dani California Similar to TIRO, but probably the only one I could slap. Would probably fall into the easy category, as it never really changes. Which of these would be the best, and if none, feel free to suggest something you think I'd like/would work. If it helps, a friend of mine played 'I Want It Back' - Jackson 5, and the kind of stuff I like (and would therefore be able to play with proper intonation and feeling) is: Muse U2 Coldplay Rush Green Day RCHP Metallica AC/DC Thanks.
  5. No problem, glad you found the forum! :) Hope we'll have lots and lots of pictionaries to solve :chuckle:

    I haven't spent so much time on here since the new forum was created :LOL:

  6. Thanks for the message, this is the first time I've been on the real boards since I saw the thread in MUSEirik's sig.

  7. Hi MiKeUltra! Sorry for the spam but I remember seeing you on the pictionary thread. As the thread has been locked like all the other game threads, some pictionary "members" have created a group and a new forum where can continue posting & solving puzzle :happy:


    Here are the links in case you're interested:


    Group: http://board.muse.mu/group.php?groupid=522

    Forum: http://musepictionary.forummotion.com/forum.htm

  8. Who are the three guys on the front of Hullabaloo?
  9. inb4 Creep. Stockholm Syndrome, New Born and Assassin.
  10. Showbiz Showbiz, for me, starts off very well with a pounding bassline and beautiful vocals, but it never really goes anywhere from there - the main tune never develops into what could have been so much more. Whenever I listen to Showbiz, I always feel that if modern Muse re-recorded it, it would be their best song, but in its current state, it doesn't do itself justice. And one scream at the end cannot justify a song. 7/10
  11. I don't hate Exo. Second-best song from the best album, beaten only by MotP. The chorus is amazing, it has a great solo (better than GL or Invincible) and I think the basic riff is great.
  12. I don't listen to iTunes very much, but Stockholm Syndrome 70 Map Of The Problematique 57 Exo-Politics 57 Hysteria 55 City Of Delusion 51 Take A Bow 49 MK Ultra 49 Assassin 48 Bliss 46 Unnatural Selection 44 Apocalypse Please 43 Butterflies & Hurricanes 43 Time Is Running Out 42 Knights Of Cydonia 41 Plug In Baby 41 New Born 38 Starlight 37 Space Dementia 37 Ruled By Secrecy 35 Dark Shines 32 Supermassive Black Hole 31 Endlessly 30 Sing For Absolution 29 Hyper Music 29 Citizen Erased 29 Muscle Museum 25 Blackout 24 Falling Away With You 23 Sunburn 23 Intro 22 Exogenesis: Symphony Part 2 (Cross-Pollination) 22 I stopped that before the first non-Muse song (Green Day's Horseshoes and Handgrenades).
  13. Cave Cave is a pretty decent song but the lyrics seem far too 'angry-teenager' to do it for me. It is a very musically good song, however, and I do like it overall. 7/10
  14. I has a boreds... Q1: Fave Muse song (in general) Map Of The Problematique Q2: Fave Muse song (vocally) Showbiz Q3: Fave Muse song (musically) New Born Q4: Fave Muse song (live) Hysteria Q5: Fave Muse music video? Time Is Running Out Q6: Fave Muse member? Chris Q7: Fave Muse item of clothing the band have worn? Matt's Lab Coat Q7: Fave Muse moment? 'No you idiot!' Q7: Fave Muse album? Black Holes & Revelations Q8: Fave Muse riff? Unnatural Selection bassline Q8: Matt the pinaist or Matt the guitarist? Pianist Matt Q9: If you were stranded on an island and could only have 3 Muse songs to listen to which would they be? Fury, Map Of The Problematique and Hysteria Q9: If you could spend the day with Muse...what would you do? Jam. Q10: What colour hair suits Matt best? Black Q11: How many times have you seen Muse live? Zero Q12: How long have you been a fan? 4 years. Q13: Have you ever met Muse? No. Q14: Chris' best moustach moment? Pedro? Q15: Fave album cover? The Resistance. Q16: Bliss or Newborn? New Born Q17: Plug in Baby or Time Is Running Out? Time Is Running Out Q18: Stockholm Syndrome or Hysteria? Hysteria Q19: Fave Muse b-side? Fury Q20: Why are you a fan of Muse Because they are the best band out there. P.S. There are three Q7s and two Q8s
  15. Falling Down I quite like Falling Down; its not exactly my style, but it's very relaxing after a diffucult or tiring day. 6/10
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