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  1. i clicked on this thread and thought it would make me.. facepalm.. which it did. if one more person says Friday... but some of these songs would be pretty rad. I'm currently listening to a pretty Muse cover of Paint it Black in my head..
  2. Well on iTunes/iPod, I have Plug in Baby Muscle Museum Exogenesis 3 Take a Bow And then all these are tied. Woah! Glorious Bliss Feeling good House of the Rising Sun Uprising Time is Running Out. But honestly, I don't listen to Muse much on my iPod.. I have a 6 CD changer in my car and I think I currently have 4 of them Muse. I usually listen on the CD because it's way better quality.. The bass sucks when I play on my iPod through the tape adapter. It would be interesting to go back in time and count how many times I've heard every muse song.. throughout my whole life.. Then count how many times I've listened to each CD all the way through.. Bootlegs, live shows, heard on commercials/tv/movies.. Played on Guitar Hero.. And then the totals start to get kind of ridiculous once you start counting how many times I've sang/hummed along to songs or daydreamed with Muse as background music in my head... ^_^
  3. collinhead


    This thread was much more interesting during that emo argument at the very beginning. let's start another argument.
  4. i love this song.. it's actually in my top 5. One of my favs. sadly the first gig that i went to was in '06 when they seemed to be phasing it out-- I would have LOVED to hear this live. maybe some day. Musewiki says As of January 2010, Howard revealed on TripleJ radio, Australia, he'd like to play the song live again, however, due to Bellamy losing the required (rare) effects pedal for part of the song, it's been left out of rotation so far. Someone should find this pedal and mail it to them. ^_^ Also- Hey You Crazy Kids is the best thing ever.
  5. i thought that was a cool looking cover. now it's ruined for me. lame.. I remember the day I got my copy of Hullabaloo in the mail and I looked at the cover, (I had only ever seen it on my little tiny ipod screen before this), I noticed that the little figure design thing in the background is actually Matt, Chris, and Dom. It's not a design at all. Those are people.. needless to say, I felt really dumb.
  6. whatever happened to silversun pickups? passion pit sounds weirddddd edit: I'll answer my own question: according to the silversun pickups website they are at: Oct 02, 2010 Perth, AU Fremantle Arts Center (Supporting Birds of Tokyo) i guess they were only going to come for the original concert at the 1st bank center.
  7. that's exactly how I feel.. I like the resistance, but it's just lower on the like scale. I listen to OoS, Abso and BHaR very often.. and if a Resistance song comes up on shuffle, I often skip it. Love Exogenesis though.
  8. I just wonder what jbyun04 is downloading at 13 kbps.. how excruciatingly slow...
  9. It's a tossup for me between OoS and Abso. But I definitely lean towards OoS. I don't know why everyone is so down on BHaR; I like it better than Resistance.
  10. So i was living in the South Pacific for 2 years- Muse didn't come to utah for those two years until ONE MONTH before I was scheduled to come back. I was so sad. I think I shed a few tears. And I missed the April 5th show. But Oh how my heart lept for joy to find out that the concert in Denver had been rescheduled.. I'm so excited for this concert I might poop myself.
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