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Muse in Norwegian Newspaper (VG)

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Couldn't find a thread on this article here, but feel free to delete, correct or move it if there is something wrong :)


Yesterday’s (23rd of May) issue of the Norwegian newspaper VG contained a little interview with Matt!

I haven't got access to a scanner, but I can give you a transcription and a picture if anyone is interested?


English isn't my first language and I translated it pretty fast, so it's probably a couple of errors in it, really sorry about that.


Loves Festivals

U2 taught them to become one of the world’s greatest bands. And A-ha drank all their champagne.


Matt Bellamy (31) is leading one of the world’s greatest rock bands. But Muse hasn’t become too big play festivals.

- I love festivals, beams the enthusiastic vocalist, guitarist and songwriter to VG.

- When I was little, and used to go to Glastonbury and Reading, that was the dream: to play a festival! In 2000, or 2001, I think we did about 50 festivals. That is still the most fun time we have experienced as a band. We thought it was amazing to play the small venues, and hang out with the other musicians afterwards. It’s never lost appeal for me.


Big in the USA

Muse has for a long time been one of Europe’s most wanted concert attraction. In 2007 they played for over 100,000 people, divided between two nights at Wembley Stadium in London. In October they played for a fully sold out audience in Oslo Spectrum.

The fifth album, “The Resistance”, from last year, brought a huge breakthrough for Muse, and a whole new festival- and touring market. The Album went to third place at the charts in the US, a relatively rare honour for a British band.

- It happened after we had opened for U2 at their US tour. It was fun, and very rewarding. If you are going to “learn” how to become a huge band, what is better than learning from the world’s absolute best? It was relaxing too. U2 are so big they can take two or three days off between gigs. It’s not often we can allow ourselves to do that, says Bellamy.


Boat-trip in Kristiansand

He did allow himself a four hour boat-trip when playing at the Quart-festival Kristiansand in 2006.

- Ah, that was beautiful, he sighs. – Unbelievably beautiful!

Also “The Resistance” was made in idyllic surroundings. More accurately Lake Como in Italy, where Bellamy lives next door to George Clooney, amongst others.


Lives at Mum’s

- Well, at the moment, I feel rather homeless, he laughs. – I live at hotels and a bit home at Mum’s. But it was weir recording an album there (Italy). We felt very isolated, a bit like we were on another planet. I caught myself missing England. I’d never imagined that would happen. But, I mean, the news at the TV was more or less just about Silvio Berlusconi, says the political enthusiastic Bellamy, who hopes that the election in England will bring a difference to the political system in the country.



-It is my hope that the TV-debates and Nick Clegg’s charisma have made young people interested in politics. I believe that our planet is at a crossroad. Are we going to continue worshipping capitalism and believe that “growth” is a benefit in itself? Until there is no resources left?

When it comes to the bands “resources”, they were highly reduced when A-ha came to one of the parties Muse arranged in Berlin recently.

- They drank all of our champagne, laughs Bellamy. – But I suppose I should be happy they didn’t run of with all the women too…






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Wll Matt , if you're homeless , you can always move to my home .




I wouldn't have any room in mine unfortunately unless he wanted to share with my son! OMG the chaos in my house! He'd have to be a bit mad! :LOL:


Aww hope he gets himself sorted soon, anyway.

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