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Here are two I made for the other thread (Muse songs as graphs):


An absolution one:




This is the observation I made on the other thread too... thought I would share (:p)


What's up with "away"? :LOL: It's been prominent in every album so far.


:LOL: You're right! And if you look at the one gigapoodle made, it looks like "away" is the top word in all their songs... :p What does it mean? :wtf: Haha


I love how BH&R sounds all intense with words like "dead", "burn", "fight", "soul", "destroy" etc, Absolution is all thougtful/emtional with words like "end", "change", "memories", "dream", "time", and OoS actually sounds the happiest of all with "new", "peace", "mind", "joy", "love", "heart", "good"...


This is fascinating to me :LOL:


^^And now that someone has done Showbiz, I'd like to comment that that one seems the most "negative" sounding of all :LOL: "burn"/"burns", "nothing", "never", "alone", "away"... :p


Someone needs to do TR now!


Oh, and here's one more!


You guys need to guess what this one is ;)







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:yesey::) (I love both of those songs... Poor Con-science... I never see any love for it around here, but it's one of my fave b-sides! :( but at least I found an excuse to include it somewhere :awesome: )[/con-science love rant]


I love Con-science :awesome: its pretty awesome, but I prefer this b-side:



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