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  1. The way I see it is that with each new album, some songs are put away while others re-emerge. RBS re-emerged this last tour, but bliss and absolution songs such as B&H were put away. With each album comes a setlist filled with songs from that album. The good thing about that for the next album is no more bad resistance songs. Resistance and UD are going to go away I think.
  2. http://www.peopleschoice.com/pca/nominations/vote.jsp?pollId=110033 Write them in as a people's choice awards winner too!
  3. you from norcal then I assume?

  4. Showbiz - Showbiz OOS - Bliss Absolution - Butterflies and Hurricanes BH&R - Knights of Cydonia Hullabaloo - Shrinking Universe Other - Dead Star
  5. NSC should've been a staple in the sets for the resistance tour, and never played again in the future. I like it, but it's time is now, for the next album will have another cheesy song to replace it!
  6. Was reading the Muse wiki and found this. During the early years of Muse, Bellamy became involved with some "dodgy" people, with which he stole and sold a Ford Escort for £500. After the owner of the scrap yard from where they stole said Escort threatened to burn Bellamy's house with his family inside it, Bellamy gave the man Muse's tour bus. Bellamy has stated that he'd like to exact revenge on this man by putting him into a car crusher. It was on Matt's page... Kinda wierd.
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