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We Are The Universe (Uprising Intro) mp3 download


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Sounds real nice, but I'm pretty sure it is a very well-done cover. The samples sound a touch different, and the pitch and rate of the voice samples is off.


if you have listened to the song only through videos then yeh it will be different. if you listened to it live it still will be different. Your not taking into the account the massive speaker used to play this song. The acoustics of the areana can also distort the sound abit. plsu the cheering of the crowd


but anyway this is a cover. a very good cover.

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Hi guys,


Im new on here and was wondering if anyone could let me know if I can find a copy of the first album on buycheapmp3s.com? I have used the site a couple of times and find it great :) But I dont know the name of the first album from the muse (new fan so sorry for not knowing lol).


Thanks in advance,


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We Are the Universe is a live intro only so you can only get that ripped from YouTube.


The first album is Showbiz (1999) and you should really go out and buy that either from the internet or from a local music store. I recommend you do that as Showbiz is worth the money. :)

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