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  1. Don’t know which thread to put this is in but... what other bands do you guys listen to?? I’ve been a Muse fan for years now. Then started listening to Arctic Monkeys (shock) then a bit of Coldplay (even more shock) so point me in the right direction for some new tunes! 🤘Muse will always be my no1 though
  2. How much do they charge when you get in? It'll be worth a try sneaking one in!
  3. I'm guessing you can't take bottles in with you?
  4. Good to know thanks. Not bothered about the barrier really. 6.30 doors right?
  5. What time will you guys start queuing at to be near the front??
  6. Ok, what's your email address please?

  7. Hi, have you sold your Manchester ticket yet?

  8. Hi, don't suppose you still have your Manchester standing ticket do you?

  9. Right ok. Thanks what sort of view are we thinking for 49 and upwards? What would make it restricted?
  10. Currently on holiday and can't find anything on prices, is it £70+ Or 45? Cheers
  11. Is anyone having problems signing into the main site? It lets me sign into the forum page but says 'sorry can't be logged in at this time' when I sign into the members bit. The same happened with the pre sale for the earlier UK gigs. Been a member for years now. Just changed my password too but still nothing. Any help? Thank you 😊
  12. BeckyBliss

    Psycho UK Tour

    So are we thinking they'll be more UK dates added? 'Another big announcement'
  13. Got the email at 4.10 in the morning, Manchester here we come!
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