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I really want a Muse wall...but I don't collect magazines...I've only got 4 big posters that are all on my 4 walls :(


Which posters do you have!!!?? Where'd you get them??

:LOL: sorry freaking out. I'm in the process of making a Muse wall. Right now I only have one poster http://www.amazon.com/Posterstoponline-Muse-Poster/dp/B0018SXQZY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=1258912470&sr=8-1

and three pics of Bells. I'm adding more though. My printer is shit though so the pics don't come out pwoperly :supersad:

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I want USoE flag and super epic posters :supersad: ....


Once I find my camera... all I have is the 5 studio albums: OoS, Absolution, Showbiz, BH&R, The Resistance Limited Edition. I also have Bass Player magazine with Chris on the front, Spin with all three of them, and two of my kind of awesome drawings of Matt and Chris :D


I also have the entire Resistance Box Set, complete with print/vinyls/USB/5.1, but I REFUSE to keep anything out of the box for more than two minutes at a time.. *twitch* Hmm... I'm thinking of getting some posters for Chwismas (yes, I said Chwismas :dance: ) and hopefully some promos, signed gear, and/or other ebay goodies. Possibly getting an amazing jacket similar to the one Matt wore in that one photoshoot (the black/red millitary type-ish one), which will all end up on my wall one way or another.


*is jealous of everyones' walls*

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