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The Nishe Appreciation Thread


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Yeah, but imo, that's the only bad thing about it. :)

Maybe it would have gotten boring if it was longer...


Yeah. :)

Maybe, they could at least have done a better ending, because I'm always hoping that the ending wasn't the end. It sounds like they could've made it longer. :rolleyes:

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mwa-ha, now we can mock you :D

when you say you don't own it is that as in you have an mp3 downloaded from ML or you don't own it at all?


no I don't own it at all, it's the only one I don't have, I just have to find it on the internet to listne when I feel like a bassy chill :D It is a great track though


You may mock, but...well actually I don't have a response apart from that's not very nice really XD:D

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