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  1. Why hello newbie ;) lol. Welcome!

  2. Hey, yeah, have been alright. Just counting down to uni, I am that bored with holidays. :D

  3. Hi, I am good thanks. I am on summer break right now. Classes commence end of next month. Good thing it'll start to cool off around then, there's nothing worse than waiting for a bus in the horrible heat. Are you in school or higher education? I'm at university at the moment. About to enter the second half of my first year :)

  4. Oh cool, having your own computer means you'll be on it more! Oh summer is hear is annoying after a while. For the next week, temperatures will between 35-41. I remember the report said it's 40 C on friday.YUCK! I hate too much heat.


    Well, I hope it isn't too cold there!

  5. Yeah been alright. Just a bit tired. What else have you been up to?

  6. Nice, it's good to keep busy with a job. What laptop did you get?

    I wish it was winter....I'm dying from the heat. It's too hot in this city.

  7. I haven't heard from you in a while. How are you?

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