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  1. Please delete my account I don't use it anymore. thanks

  2. Please delete my account. I don't use it anymore. Thanks

  3. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :xmas::party:!

  4. :eek: I know, it's been ages!!

    Yes we've had quite a bit of snow this year, our street is all icy now after a load of snow last week, but we finally have a white christmas. :D

    Have you been having plenty of...sun? :awesome:

  5. Of course! You HAVE to be there.


    I'm fabulous, Darling :)


    How is life treating you? Loving your holidays? :kiss:

  6. Aww, thank you Dudy! Same to you too, hope you have a good one. I haven't talked to you in ages... snowing much? :xmas: xx

  7. Hi Bridget!! :D

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! And a happy new year! :xmas:

    Best wishes for 2011. :D

  8. :eek: I'm just in a bit of shock upon realising I moshed with one of my favourite fanfic writers. Anyway, HELLO! That's awesome to hear I was raved about in such far reaches as Canberra! As for the setlist, I agree it wasn't fantastic but it was good enough for my first! Thanks, I had the best night of my life. Hopefully we shall meet again!
  9. Not a problem. I heard it, and was singing along to it, then got home and thought 'thats actually quite funky! Wonder what it was.'
  10. Nawww, I'm in your sig! :D


    ANYWAY, how are you my dear Sar?



    Did I enjoy it? DID I ENJOY IT? What sort of question is that! THEY PLAYED BLISS AHHHHHHHHH! AND MY FIRST PERFORMANCE OF SS! I was about five people away from barrier, on the rightish side. We could see Chris and Dom clear as a bell, Matt most of the time. Lucky you! Did you get photos?


    Hmmmm... you'd be best to watch the rest of the series, but its not essential. Its just because the next 'queen' is usually introduced as the other is beheaded, so if you want to fully understand it would be better to watch it all.

  12. Just checking in after last night. First Muse gig, and so worth it; absolutely amazing. Bliss and Hullaballoons, and my first live play of Stockholm Syndrome... just awesome. I laughed when Guiding Light was played, but all's well that ends well (with a guitar smashing!) And thank you to the four lovely Musers who looked after me and instructed me on the ways of the moshpit (especially Louise for moshing with me the whole time, and Chantelle for the gorgeous necklace ), I had a fantastic night. In total, I'm completely disregarding the setlist everyone seems to think was average, because I think I had the best time ever.
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