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If Muse were to collaborate with another band, who would you want it to be with?

Guest Octazooka

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Guest Octazooka
what about Franz Ferdinand??


That'd be fun to watch... :chuckle:


Matt should stop doing his backward walk and pick up niceeee moves from Alex :LOL:

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Andrew Lloyd Webber :LOL:

:awesome: my mind just did alot of images involving Matt and a mask in a cave... should I save who Dom was for a banter thread? lol


This kind of doesn't make sense, but I thought of Green Day. Their styles mixed would just be very interesting. And the subjects kind of reflect each other on previous albums.


NIN would be awesome though.


I also thought of The Birthday Massacre. I would just love to hear Muse get all electronica.

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Apocalyptica. I think the collaboration between these two bands would be awesome, just suit so well. I would love to hear Apocalyptica on City of Delusion....epic.


:eek: I didn't even think of them! That would be just- I'm speechless from the imaginings of what would come from that...

yes, my finnish boys and Muse together?!! mwahahahaha

...sorry, fan girl moment:stunned:

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The Jonas Brothers


:eek: .... *is scared*


I would love to see them work with Placebo, as weird as that may seem. Fair to Midland, as well. Honestly, seeing them with ZZ Top would be awesome :$ Crazy guitar madness.


+1 to the Portishead though.


omg muse with placebo :awesome:

ZZ Top would be cool aswell :D


Andrew Lloyd Webber :LOL:


:happy: yay! that would be extra specially awesome :)


It would be great to see them collaborate with maybe an older band


Or someone like David Bowie


I think it would be a great experience and they could learn a lot


BOWIES IN SPACE... BOWIES IN SPA-HEE-HACE! :p david bowie+ muse= epical...


I was thinking Fair To Midland as well.


Or maybe Matt could do a Starlight duet with Adam Lambert. :LOL:


:eek: AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRHHHHHHH! :phu: that would be hell... lambert sucks :p




wow long post :)

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