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  1. Apocalyptica. I think the collaboration between these two bands would be awesome, just suit so well. I would love to hear Apocalyptica on City of Delusion....epic.
  2. Q1: Fave Muse song (in general): Stockholm Syndrome. Q2: Fave Muse song (vocally): Super massive black hole. Q3: Fave Muse song (musically): City of Delusion. Q4: Fave Muse song (live): Deadstar or Hysteria....its the bassline! Q5: Fave Muse music video?: Time is running out or Hysteria. Q6: Fave Muse member?: hahah...ha. Q7: Fave Muse item of clothing the band have worn?: Dom's coloured skinny jeans of course! Q7: Fave Muse moment?: Matt's shuffle dance! Q7: Fave Muse album?: Origins or Absolution. Q8: Fave Muse riff?: Hysteria. Q8: Matt the pinaist or Matt the guitarist?: Matt the Virtuoso! Q9: If you were stranded on an island and could only have 3 Muse songs to listen to which would they be?: Hysteria, Showbiz and Falling away with you. Q9: If you could spend the day with Muse...what would you do?: Well I've spent a night with them getting even more drunk than I already was lol! I think we would hit the beach. Q10: What colour hair suits Matt best?: Black! Q11: How many times have you seen Muse live?: 3. Q12: How long have you been a fan?: 2 or 3 years. Q13: Have you ever met Muse?: Yes. Q14: Chris' best moustach moment?: KOC!!!! Q15: Fave album cover?: Black holes and revelations. Q16: Bliss or Newborn?: Bliss. Q17: Plug in Baby or Time Is Running Out?: Time is running out. Q18: Stockholm Syndrome or Hysteria?: Damnit! Both. Q19: Fave Muse b-side?: Deadstar, Shrinking Universe or map of your head. Q20: Why are you a fan of Muse: Coz their friggn' awesome!
  3. Eeee....didn't really like it aye. Dizzee Rascal would of been beter than Mike Skinner rapping this. If this is Muse trying to be like the British RATM it didn't work. Sorry...but I can kind of see what they were trying to do.
  4. I don't know if these have been posted before...probably...my bad if they have. Matt goes on about his theories...Dom says very little, but my gard he looks fukn' hot lol! http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=gv2GE4sIElU And possibly one the most awkward Muse interviews I've ever watched. I mean seriously...wtf has Matt's many hair colour changes got to do with his bloody star sign?! lol! Arrhhh I cringe lol! http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=bn1IEMyjAnM&feature=related
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