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Found 18 results

  1. I recently discovered Muse and feel in love with their music. I like their slower songs in particular, so are there any other bands besides the obvious Radiohead that sound similar to muse?
  2. http://www.craveonline.com/entertainment/music/article/the-6-most-shameless-rip-off-bands-in-rock-91017 Muse: Radiohead/Queen Singer Matt Bellamy's vocal stylings on the first three Muse albums were such shameless adaptations of those of Radiohead's Thom Yorke that many thought the wonk-eyed singer was actually in another band. Having been called out relentlessly for the similarities, the band has since shifted gears and moved into operatic territory - where the symphonic pretense runs deep, and the kitsch of supposed oppression and Orwellian paranoia saturates and bogs down what could otherwise be perfectly respectable music. Switching derivatives from Radiohead to Queen was a smart choice, albeit a predictable one, but Muse has real potential to create memorable music if they'd get the hell over themselves, abandon the excess frills and leave the impersonations behind. :rolleyes:
  3. Which band do you think would be the best support act for the them? When I saw them live at acer arena in Sydney they had Biffy Clyro as the support act, and to be honest it actually made me less pumped for the gig, probably just because of the boredom vibe I was getting from everyone around me in the mosh. It didn't matter at soon as those towers lit up though, I got an instantaneous adrenaline rush of anticipation and the crowd was probably one of the best and most crazy ever (That was my first gig so I have nothing to compare it to). For an ideal support act I would probably go with Does It Offend You, Yeah? or Kasabian.
  4. I would love to see Portishead and Muse jam together.. Imagine the awesome darkish stuff they might make! And also cos Beth Gibbons has an absolutely gorgeous voice..
  5. Hello, I work for BBC 6 Music and this Sunday between 6-8pm (GMT) we want you to help pick the Ultimate Muse Playlist. This could be anything from your favourite Muse tracks, to people who inspired them, people they've toured with etc etc. You can get in touch on: - Facebook - Twitter using #Muse6Music - Spotify Or leave a comment here and I'll pick them up. Thanks very much - would love to see as many of you as possible involved! Thanks, Will Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/nowplaying/2012/09/muse6music---help-pick-the-ult.shtml Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/nowplaying/2012/09/muse6music---help-pick-the-ult.shtml
  6. I think it's pretty likely but what do you think?
  7. Hello all, I come here in need of help. I am not a Muse fan, in fact I despise their music. Before you label this as a troll thread, spam, or anything of that nature please know that I am posting with genuine intentions and am not here to gloat about why I dislike Muse. I am currently enrolled in a class called "Popular Culture" at Portland State University. This course is mostly focused on "taste" and more specifically what taste means and why we all have such differing opinions on a multitude of subjects. For our midterm assignment we have been charged with the task of picking our least favorite band with the goal of trying to understand why we dislike that band so much and why others love that same band. So here I am on the official Muse forums asking you Muse lovers what it is that sucks you into their music? Is it the technicality of a guitarist you like? Do you just love the singer's voice? Do the lyrics speak to you in a particular way? I would greatly appreciate your help and who knows maybe I'll grow to appreciate or even love their music! Thank you
  8. Don´t know if there´s already a thread about this, so here it is. if there is one please post the link and close this one. me first: i think Glitter Freeze by Gorillaz is very similar to Uprising in many ways. The claps, the bass line and the synths. what do you think?
  9. The 2011 Annual GRAMMY Awards will take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA on February 13 and will be broadcast on CBS. Ballots are due from voting members of the Academy on November 3 and nominations will be announced on December 1. "Uprising" was released as a single in August 2009 and therefore under the Grammy rules it appears it cannot be nominated for any 2011 song categories. However, both the album "The Resistance" and the single "Resistance" are eligible and are listed on the ballot in several categories including rock. Also, three Muse videos including "Uprising", "Resistance" and NSC are under consideration by voters for best short-form video. Rock acts such as Kings of Leon, Coldplay and Green Day have been nominated and won Grammys in the past several years in various categories including the three major ones: Record, Song and Album of the Year. Foo Fighters, RHCP and Radiohead have also recently been nominated for Album of the Year. Usually a rock album makes the final cut as one of the five nominees.
  10. Mick4Kizna

    Rarities Tour

    I've recently obtained Muse's rarities. B-sides, tracks from singles, and what not. I love these songs because they are so completely different, at least most of them. I was just wondering what your thoughts are on the idea of Muse doing a short Rarities Tour. Meaning all or most of the songs on the setlist are rarities. Feel free to post your Rarities setlist here as well.
  11. The MUSE Family - We're all part of it Muse have the largest fan base of any other band in the world at the moment. We also have the best group of dedicated fans and it's no wander Muse can sell out Europe's biggest Stadiums. We are all part of one big family . We all have something in common with each other - The love for the Greatest band on Planet Earth, Muse. Everyone here is included, there are no exceptions. : Whether you are a pirate , a pussy , a pimp , or the Pope , there is always room for more people in the Muse Family!! Each one of us contributes to making a better Muse, whether voting in the Set List polls earlier this summer or sharing your views here in the Forum. Even if you have a HUGE afro , you still make a better Muse! We all make a difference, it may not seem like we make much of a difference, but we do. Therefore I ask, that if you see someone wearing a Muse T-Shirt, treat them as though they are part of your very own Muse family. It would be awesome to have a random Muse chat with fellow Muse-family members on the street or in your hometown or wherever, so please remember this next time you see someone wearing a Muse t-shirt or likewise. Also, at Muse gigs, I don't think there is enough mingling with fellow Musers. It's the perfect opportunity to talk to each other! At the Saturday night (5th September 2009) Seaside Rendezvous gig, there was a group of Musers (Including myself) queiuing from 8am. When we got into the gig, we protected each other from other annoying people who like pushing past and throwing bottles at people (You know who you are...) and it felt like a really community. Alice Darlington and Emily Wolstenholme (Presumably not Chris' daughter?) praised the "great atmousphere" at the Muse gigs and said that "You don't get that kind of atmousphere at other bands' gigs". Matt, Dom and Chris are like the parents (In a non-dodgy, non gay way!) in the family, and we are the all important other members of the family. Without us, Muse would never be what it is today, we have all helped shaped what Muse is, whether it's buying records, merchandise or posting on forums and sharing views etc. We all have our own opinions, whether on songs/albums/radiohead /Live/The Fat Cats/The Future/Conspiracy Theories or likewise, but we all share the same love for Muse. Nobody is perfect, so we can excuse Matt for writing Guiding Light. Lets just enjoy the great music we have and look forward to an amazing future. You may not think it, but Muse really do love their fans. Even recently at the Big Day Out in Australia, Matt got off the plane with Lilly Allen to see hundreds of screaming fans wanting his autograph. Lilly Allen snubbed her fans and told them to "Fuck off" while making a rather spiteful gesture. Matt Bellamy could so easily have said "Hurgh Hurgh, wankers!!" but he didn't he gave his time to stay behind and get photo's with his fans and sign autographs. I met Chris in Teignmouth, I asked him to sign my Origin of Symmetry CD. Unfortunately, as it was chucking it down with rain, the pen wouldn't stay on the CD, so he said "It's ok, we will try over here" he walked under a tree (Where there was no rain) and he signed it pwoperly!! His 2 other friends had left without him. But It goes to show that Chris and Muse do stuff even though they don't have to. Like my teacher says, it's always best to go the extra mile! Muse also arranged a wordwide 'Treasure Hunt' which involved all the fans across the globe. Muse didn't have to do it, but they did it anyway. They are one of the only band that regularly arrange to answer fans questions. They also arranged for a poll to be set up to see which songs the fans wanted playing. Admittedly, on a couple gigs, they haven't played many of the songs in the Top 5 most voted for, but they have certainly provided a more varied Festival Set List. They included Bliss, Citizen Erased and even started 2 gigs with Plug In Baby! Never think they don't care, coz they do. Lastly, they also thought outside of the box, and included hundreds of fans in every gig by putting pictures of their faces on the big screens during "Nische". Admittedly, it was quite hard to find my picture up there! But I bet it was a good feeling for the fans who could actually see their faces up there! So thanks fellow Musers, fellow members of the Muse family! Post here if you have any ideas on making it a happier Muse family. >>>>>>>SPREAD-THE-WORD-OF-THE-MUSE-FAMILY<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>THEY-WILL-NOT-CONTROL-US<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>WE-WILL-BE-VICTORIOUS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< LET-OUR-HEARTS-IGNITE because TOGETHER WE'RE INVINCIBLE
  12. Well... I'm very depressed atm... Erm I'm listening to Blackout an have just listened to Falling away With You, Falling Down and Sunburn (imo the piano bit is very sad ) ..more?
  13. From TopNews New Zealand: http://topnews.net.nz/content/211305-jane-s-addiction-goes-dark-new-album a the bold bit. Goth?! Edit: the person who wrote this needs English lessons.
  14. Hey people, This has probably been posted before, but I lack the wit to search the forums for replies. I went on holiday to Crete last year with Muse on my iPod, providing me with many deep moments as I sat on the "philosophical rock" contemplating life and the Universe (I'd never istened to them before to be honest). Now I'm not saying Muse are all played out (I still listen to them) but for this years holiday, I'm looking for a similar experience. I suppose it's hard because Muse are somewhat unique in sound, but can anyone suggest some new music that would sit well with me on this years Philosophical Rock? I appreciate your answers. Robin
  15. The tour is ages away yes, (though you wouldn't know it from the amount of stress going on) but who would you like to see support Muse on the UK leg of there 2009 tour. I have this terrible feeling it will be Empire of the Sun, I bloody hope not.
  16. ok, so im a HUGE muse fan, but i love Radiohead too. the first muse song i heard (which was years back) was time is running out on K-Rock. and i thought to myself, "Wow! Radiohead came back with a new song and its great!!" (sry! i hurt muse! lol) of course, know i know better after my science teacher ( i know, can i get any more dumb) gave me their CDs and i really became a Muse fan. at first, i thought they sounded like radiohead, but now, i realize that muse's early stuff sounds a bit like radiohead, but BH&R really doesnt. what do u think? and does anyone else like radiohead?
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