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  1. With the age of Spotify we haven't been in a better place to get Muse to number 1! Lets put a song on repeat! I'm happy to hear suggestions. If than ginger from Suffolk can have 18 of the top 20, why can't Muse have one? WHO IS WITH ME?
  2. I don't really see a Matt solo album being any different from a Muse album. Showbiz, Origin and Black Holes are all listed as being written by Matt. That suggests to me that he writes the basslines too.
  3. Strange, going to unzip it again tonight as I also found Liquid State didn't play all the way through. Otherwise i'll just download it again.
  4. I downloaded the HD version yesterday, did anyone else notice how quiet it was? I had my computer full volume and it was still on the quiet side. I put other music on for comparison which was really loud.
  5. 1. Origin of Symmetry 2. Absolution 3. The 2nd Law 4. Black Holes & Revelations 5. Showbiz 6. The Resistance
  6. I think they turn most of their audience gay.
  7. In here are my photos from the September 11th gig at Wembley. There first half are from Sheffield in November 2009. Some decent ones in there.
  8. I never really enjoyed MOTP until I saw it live at V 2008, it was just so powerful and it has now become one of my favourites.
  9. Gig was amazing! Got right on the front row! Corr! Hope everyone had a good time. Thanks to the dude who we were standing in the line with with his girlfriend who helped me and my mate to get to the front!
  10. http://www.whoopassenterprises.com/ Lol, someone get a prototype done, and then go to Muse. Dragon's Den style pitch ensues. Matt: I'm out Dom: I'm out Chris: You're a disgrace Morgan: CABASA!!!
  11. I can play most Muse songs on guitar, I learnt a lot by tab until I got good at playing by ear. I can play bits and pieces on piano, i'm still actually learning piano but I have the intro to Space Dementia down, bit of B&H, Sunburn and New Born. I learnt Bliss too. I don't perform them much though in front of people, they just serve as helping me develop various techniques. Muse songs are excellent for that!
  12. Didn't vote, mine changes over time, there's been loads of favourites. It depends on what instrument im into at the time, for example if i'm having a rock out on guitar i'll get into Invincible, if i'm enjoying a bit of piano it'll be Butterflies & Hurricanes.
  13. Robertw


    I can play it and I used to play that strange riff bit by using an octave pedal and putting it an octave up on the first note and keeping it there. It sounded pretty similar. Then on the chords I used a wah and slowly rocked it backwards and forwards.
  14. Someone said to me that he doesn't get Muse because they don't have any songs that are sung fast, from what hes heard. Basically he loves Blink 182 and doesn't understand other genres apart from pop punk.
  15. Invincible. It would be a sorta statement from them. That even though they are coming to the end, we can all do great stuff like they have. 'Make your dreams come true'. It would be a fitting end. I could imagine them playing it at a huge venue, in the rain. And everybody would be crying.
  16. Good Question, i'd have these. Showbiz: Cave Origin of Symmetry: Citizen Erased Hullabaloo: Dead Star Absolution: Thoughts of a Dying Atheist Black Holes and Revelations: Hoodoo B Side: Fury That would be amazing if they played all of those songs in a gig.
  17. I noticed you've been to UEA for gigs a few times, are you from Norwich? I am =)


    I was right at the front for Feeder!

  18. I first got Absolution, and wasn't hugely hooked on it. There was one song I really listened too though, TOADA, and I loved it. It got me listening to the rest and now I love pretty much every Muse song there is. Then I listened to KOC, and one day just went out and got Black Holes Origin and Showbiz, and love them all!
  19. I don't think i'd be all that bothered about meeting Muse. It's not like they're gonna become great friends with me and if I ever met them again I doubt they'd recognise me too. Then they start to think you're a crazy stalker and in the end its just better not ever meeting them at all.
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