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Absolute Radio goes on tour with Muse


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New programmes at Absolute Radio include an exclusive programme behind the scenes with Muse on their Drones tour.


It’s part of a new summer weekend schedule which also includes extended request shows fronted by Claire Sturgess.


On Thursday 28th April at 9pm, Danielle Perry will be go behind the scenes on the Drones tour featuring exclusive interviews with Muse who’ll reflect on their latest album and life on the road. The two hour documentary will showcase live tracks from their O2 gigs plus some of the songs which have inspired them.




This Thursday then... could be good.

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Listening now - so far they're playing radio versions of hits in chronological order from Showbiz (it's on Absolute Radio atm)

EDIT: The great Matt laugh returns at 1h53min!

Through the live tracks, gawd, the mix is pretty bad. Very bass-heavy and vocally quiet. Also I think TaB is from the 15th, Matt talks about breaking the attendance record. SS from the 11th.

Good set of songs broadcast: Dead Inside, Hysteria, TaB, Plug in Baby, Psycho, Reapers, The Handler, Undisclosed Desires(...), Stockholm Syndrome (+ Township Rebellion, yay), Mercy

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