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  1. Thank you! I happened to discover it was on when I was browsing my TV EPG, but missed the first 25 minutes, and had a poor signal, ruining what I did manage to record. Currently seeding...
  2. I hope it gets to experience soap and water each time, unlike far too many Musers we were far too close to during the gig.
  3. You're welcome. Hope it works for you. There's no substitute for an SLR* but it does a pretty reasonable job. *Somebody sneaked one in as he's in the background of a shot I took after the gig. As for the histogram, the "perfect" histogram would have a peak in the middle and gradually tail of to each side. But that assumes you want a very neutrally toned image. The darker the image you are about to take or are reviewing, the greater the peak to the left of the histogram, and vice versa for a very bright image. You generally want to avoid those unless that's the effect you're going for. Of course, in gig photography you often have extremes of brightness and darkness, so the histogram can be less standard. Once you learn how it works, it can help you a lot.
  4. As I said in the post above yours, yes, it was the TZ-7. Settings: For photos Camera mode (not iA) Maximum picture size & quality Intelligent ISO: OFF Sensitivity: mainly 800, sometimes 1600 White Balance: Auto AF Mode: Face Pre AF: C-AF Metering: SPOT I. Exposure: OFF Digital Zoom: OFF (never use a camera's digital zoom if you can help it!) Colour: Natural Stabilizer: Mode 2 Min. Shutter Speed: 1/8 (but only because I forgot to change it! Probably best with 1/60 or higher depending how steady you are) For Video As per photo, plus... Rec Mode: AVCHD Lite Quality: SH Wind Cut: ON (I never switch it off anyway) I also recommend you learn how to read the histogram if you don't already know. It's a pro tool but helps with your reading of exposure (and contrast) immensely. Histogram is set up in the tools part of the menu and can be shown or hidden by pressing the "Display" button. The Panasonic TZ range will out-perform a phone's camera with ease. I took a few images with my phone (a lower mid-range HTC Salsa) with a view to uploading a couple to Facebook after the gig but the quality of it's 5MP sensor is way behind that of the Panny.
  5. Thanks, it's a Panasonic TZ-7, the current version being the TZ-30. It manages a pretty good HD video too. I may make some of that available later in the week. I think I know who you are now as I remember thinking what nutter would wear their hoody during the gig
  6. And I'd have said the same if people weren't being intimidated by their actions. You're going to get a bit of toe trampling and maybe the odd elbow in the head when everyone's jumping up and down - it's part of the "experience":) - but it's when more vulnerable fans' safety and enjoyment is affected that I have a problem with it. If I'd have been on my own, I would have just delivered the odd elbow but I am protective towards my girlfriend and anyone I feel needs sticking up for. Anyway, I don't want to turn a happy thread into a negative one - I just feel the point needed to be made. As you were!
  7. Steady on, my girlfriend won't like your insinuation! I wasn't with a bunch of girls but there were 4 or 5 in front of us.
  8. Thanks, glad you liked them. There's a fine balance between taking as many photographs as you can, missing the enjoyment of the gig and annoying your girlfriend by concentrating too much on the photography!
  9. No, we were left of centre (closer to Matt's side of the stage). One guy tried crowd surfing but the stewards soon put paid to that! My girlfriend thought I was getting aggressive but I explained that I have enough experience of gigs to read how people will react. I did make one guy think better of his actions and he moved well away from us. The moshers received a good number of pushes and elbows if they refused to move back, but they wouldn't have had a clue it wasn't just another of them pushing them back into the pit. I would have no problem with moshers if they weren't spoiling other people's enjoyment. But we all paid the same money and should all be entitled to the same few square centimetres of the floor. I hope your friends were ok by the end of the gig.
  10. Another thumbs up for the security staff who were polite and did their job well. By the time we reached the bag search the guy patting me down just pointed to my pocket and said, "Camera?" rather than asking to see it. I didn't have anything to hide anyway but it was amusing he suggested what it was. Everything Everything were actually ok but their volume was turned up too high and caused distortion to the vocals. I'm sure the Feeling Good haters were glad it has been dropped from the current set list. I was surprised we got neither Big Freeze or a U2 cover seeing as it was in Dublin. The only downers were certain fans whose selfish actions affect others, from the idiot smoking to the moshers who were risking the safety of the vulnerable people around them, especially some younger female fans. I had to do my best to protect them until security wisely came in and marshalled things till the end of the gig. Nobody's saying stand motionless during the gig, just be aware of others' safety. They should have to move for you. I managed to get one of the unofficial merchandise sellers thrown out but sadly not before he'd sold a t-shirt to an unsuspecting young girl. Outside, most people know those aren't the real thing, but inside the venue some people can be fooled. At least the touts did no business as they were already cursing they'd wasted the time when we were passing them at 5:30pm. And their trashy t-shirts were down to €5 when we left. Don't give them your money and they'll fade away. Want to see some photos? Now, if only we could have found a chippy on the way back to the hotel! Instead, it was spicy wedgies from the Spar.
  11. Tickets arrived today. Good times. Stil planning our trip but definitely going to see Skyfall while we're there. Hmmm, maybe plan a "Muse should have written the feem toon, sung the feem tune" protest!
  12. Putting aside some ignorant comments which have been made... I think it's very worthy of Muse being very open on this subject (whilst not ripping into Chris in public). The fanbase of the band includes a great many teenagers and we should all know there's a big problem with under-age and excessive drinking in the UK. Revealing Chris's troubles, and how much it affected those he is supposed to work and live closest to, should be (literally) be a sobering thought to anyone who abuses alcohol. I don't know if it's something he would be comfortable doing (perhaps it was the alcohol which kept him away from interviews, perhaps not), but he could do worse than become involved in a BBC documentary about his battle with the bottle.
  13. I was going to say the same thing till I saw your post. Seeing as Muse are one of AIR's clients, that seems most likely. Some of my old vinyl has witty comments on it, occasionally written from one engineer to another - a conversation through vinyl records.
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