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2016.01.13 - United Center, Chicago, IL, USA


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Standing in line freezing all day was worth it to be against the barrier! I loved the show, ready to drive to Detroit today to see it again hahaa.. ok.. maybe wait till the Philly show.


is it true there's some kind of crazy winter weather headed northeast in a few days?

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You may like the warm ocean breeze but I'm all about that frigid lake breeze. I look forward to that moment when I'll get off the Green Line. The lingering smell of urine turns into the frigid breeze and a slight smell of what seems to be a hint of vinegar. I ease my worries at a local watering hole. I wake up the next morning forgetting I even saw Muse at the United Center.


Sincerely, the Chicago Experience.


The colder the better. the lady in front of us did not like our version of the Chicago Experience, lol.


Might have two extra tonight if anyone wants in cheap.

Fancy seeing you in here. :)

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