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  1. LOL yeah I def got the meaning wrong then. one guy behind me at Chicago kept saying, oooh I hope they play Microcuts, and I was like lol yes of course they will generally in the USA there is a underwhelming presence of the 'good (older) stuff', it makes its appearance in other regions though. even just over the border in Canada or where they've been popular for ages; Seattle got RBS during Resistance tour ..... it's only been since the alt radio station here got resurrected the last year or so, that they've been so supportive of muse on air. might be a little more Warner money behind it, but a couple of the DJs seem to genuinely be fans (.... but who listens to actual radio anymore .... )
  2. I, for one, would love to hear Assassin live. no one else likes Assassin 'cept me I would think so! some people would want to slap me for not being crazy for Muscle Museum or Sunburn, but I wouldn't lambast the band for playing it, recognize it for what it is, a rare treat for the USA market, there are definitely casual concert goers who attend just for the sake of going, even if they barely know the material. they go for something to do, they go because their friends are going, they go because they know one song, or yeah, they can't wait to get another pic on their 'Gram and be the next bloody Kar___n. had an extra GA ticket for Chicago, sold it to a guy who's primary exposure to Muse was playing KoC on Guitar Hero what can you do, can't stop people like that from attending a gig. the band can't do this business alone and they signed with the monster that is Warner. so their management, their partners, are all for the big big shows with big big venues and corresponding ticket prices
  3. maybe I'm misunderstanding the intent here, but a couple things: no one can know what Matt was really thinking/ feeling when he said that, only he could and -maybe- Chris, Dom, or some other their closest and oldest crew members might understand what he was intimating there; second, it could have been self-deprecating, like his ancient comment that the same 20 (or whatever that quote was) people go to every gig, since CE is older than that movie and Guitar Hero
  4. First off, I'm sorry to say but I vaguely remember that I kind of had to teach myself so basically you have to try figure out how to to encode it: find posts with -pics- and -spoilers- that you like and hit the Quote button (maybe into a new tab), then hit Go Advanced. Go Advanced will display the encoding text. Take a screen cap or whatever, and just close the window otherwise you might actually post it Go to the User CP page, and select Edit Signature, there's instructions how to incl a small photo in your sig. I didn't want to make this too long cuz I don't want to get dinged for being completely off topic oh and Preview Post is a great button
  5. @Nigel_Tufnel one of the things I do wish they would get away from are the numerous stunts. they have a great visuals show already, the flying whatnots should be saved for another Wembley or whatever and make sure they bloody work, and one type of custom confetti was plenty, did we really need it inside the black balloons and all the streamers too? i refer to all of this as having too many 'stunts'
  6. actually scanning tickets inside then herding the early queuers back outside into a holding pen is what we experienced last time, too. what I thought I heard was multiple doors opening at once .... we froze our asses off twice so sounds like that was at minimum the same experience as yours
  7. dunno, my musical accuracy has faded as my waistline has increased but the finish was definitely different than what I remember from the last tour. whether it's been different between gigs during Drones I couldn't say just one gig for me this go 'round
  8. I think the way he finished the last few bars of madness in Chicago he went into higher notes than on the album and prior performances. would need to double check on videos. I think I remember him finishing it a slightly different way than I was used to and thinking that it was impressive
  9. tbh - and maybe it was the lack of probs in Chicago - the show has improved my opinion of the album, I can understand the concept better and 'see' it better in my mind. getting Apocalypse notwithstanding
  10. I heard the JLA staff fooked up the queuing ... not the experience we had last tour, apparently?
  11. is it true there's some kind of crazy winter weather headed northeast in a few days?
  12. so hopefully JLA is organized right, at the United Center the BO opened at 10am and tickets were ready. you should have them in hand if you're entering when doors open (sorry if I'm stating the obvs ) but if you arrive late/r, the tickets might be moved to a different gate/ window and you'll have to chase them down
  13. definitely like the new album more that I've had the experience with it live and the visuals. The Handler effects are mad
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