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  1. We were up in second tier of seats close to the sound booth. Amazing view and the whole show was out of this world. TaB was a real treat, never thought I'd see that one live. Highlight was probably finally getting PIB after two other gigs!
  2. Last night was so much fun! Hope everyone had a good time too
  3. Thanks guys! I work in 35F and under all day long so I'll probably be ok.Yes aerobic exercise is on the menu
  4. My friend and I are going and will be in the 300's. We're planning on getting there around an hour before doors open. Are the seats good enough to keep a coat on? I'd rather wear one layer under a heavy jacket than hope I don't sweat to death inside because of too many layers. (really irritated at myself for not getting GA in time, oh well)
  5. RiverMuser


    Holy crap that is so good! Seriously excited for this song live. I'm really enjoying what they did with the riff!
  6. Don't know if anyone has said this yet but for me. All six albums played consecutively with appropriate b-sides/singles thrown in and LSO to backup. ...what? It says "perfect" setlist haha
  7. Aaaand now I must face the hard facts of adult life...Bills have gotten in the way. Hope you all have a lot of fun though! Tell me about it and show pics!! Citizen_Eraser, wish I could be there again!
  8. They played Sunburn at the St. Louis gig in March. It's been played a bit lately. Bliss would be awesome though!
  9. 2 shows in one year, I'm in heaven! Never thought I'd get to see them at all really.
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