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  1. I was at this gig and it was roughly 80- 90 minutes. I think it was the most interactive I've seen Matt at a Chicago show. The crowd was not great by any means but there were more people junping/singing than I've seen at previous Chicago shows. Matt said they'd be back in March but I saw a billboard tonight that said Simulation Theory World Tour April 12 at the United Center.
  2. The next festival they play in the US is Life Is Beautiful in Vegas, right? Would likely be the same set they would have played last night and zero chance of rain.
  3. The rain was great but they killed it once the lightning started. The storm passed after 20 minutes or so. Dom came back on stage and looked genuinely upset. I saw Chris stage left. I didn't see Matt or Morgan.
  4. Matt did an interview with a local radio station and said they were going to "mix it up" tonight. Fury and Showbiz were soundchecked. No piano on stage. Wasn't expecting anything other than standard set but I guess we'll have a better idea when they play Osheaga.
  5. Haven't watched this yet but apparently Matt said they were planning on "mixing it up" tonight. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1356735634441897&id=527856930663109&_rdr
  6. Likely 5:30 or so. I have some extra tickets that I'm hoping I can sell to other fans who weren't able to get them.
  7. I'm here, stage right four or five rows back. Unfortunately in the US the only lively part of the crowd is on the barrier, and sometimes not even then.
  8. I selected "Best Available" and was offered seats every time until the 6th or 7th refresh. I would advise anyone trying to get tickets later on to do the same. I wasn't hopeful as I thought GA would be reserved for people buying the extended packages, but I guess not. The other show that I got tickets for offered me GA right away. Seems completely random.
  9. I kept refreshing until I got GA PIT 2 tickets for the same gig. They were 145.00 each. I really hope it's actual GA and not Lawn GA for 145.00 each. I also bought tickets for another gig and got GA PIT 1, but that ampitheaters map actually showed a GA section in the front.
  10. I think if you go around the stage to the opposite side of the room once you're let in, you'll be fine. Everyone at the Chicago show stayed on the side of the stage closest to the entrance. Maybe 4 or 5 rows of people were there once I got in. I went around the stage and got barrier right near the center of the circle, I was surprised. We were all under the assumption that doors opened at 6 and I got in line at 5:45. I don't think many people even realized it was a 360 stage. Tbh even being 10 or 15 rows back would still be a decent view and you could probably appreciate the visuals a bit more too.
  11. Started with Drill Sergeant straight into Psycho and we also got Map and AP
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