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  1. My dumb brothers decided to wait to get tickets and want to be on the floor. SO if anyone has 2 extra GA tix, let me know and i can get you in touch with them. PM me if you do, thanks!
  2. The colder the better. the lady in front of us did not like our version of the Chicago Experience, lol. Fancy seeing you in here.
  3. I have to agree with you. The Bulls and Blackhawks schedules are well known as well as any other show committments. Just announce it all at once already. And i only saw the news because FB showed it as a sponsored post. But as usual, i'll be buying a ticket.
  4. kiernana

    Lollapalooza 2011

    don't park downtown. its' way to expensive. find public transport via the CTA on transitchicago.com or use google maps to map out a bus/train route. you'd be mental to drive and park. there is no parking for the festival as it's downtown in the middle of the city.
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  6. Pretty awesome setlist. A good deviation from the norm, especially for us old fans. However, I though the energy in the building was kind of crap aside from a group in the pit and a few seating areas. I was in a board presale area and the people around me were sticks in the mud. Too bad.
  7. if anyone has extra tickets to the Chicago show, I am interested. My brother wants to come along with some of his friends who were slackers on the ticket front. pm me if you have something. I live in chicago and would prefer to exchange face to face.
  8. if you only got 1 ticket, you should have been able to get tix yesterday. at like 6pm, i could have gotten a solo ticket, but i needed 3. was sec 111. if you're getting a solo ticket, there will always be something good available.
  9. stub hub should be a last resort. it's like a scalper, but you're more protected. keep trying with the general sale and more of this presale. it's going to be like yesterday. wait til tix get released every so often.
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