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King Philip "not amused": rock band projecting advertising album palace


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The palace reacts horrified. "We were not informed and there was no application," said Pierre-Emmanuel De Bauw, Director of Media and Communication. "The palace is the symbol of an institution and is the official workplace of our king. We will soon contact Warner Music and insist on a call. The palace can not be used for commercial purposes." Or legal proceedings there is booted, they wanted not lost yesterday. "We want to give a signal, but the content, we do not communicate."


Someone want to translate for me? I put it through Google Translate but it butchered things pretty badly. :LOL:

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I don't have time for a full translation, but a summary:


Warner projected the cover of 'Drones' on the royal palace in Brussels. They did not ask permission. It is unknown wether ther weill be legal action.


Warner did this worldwide in 9 countries. They also projected on other places in Brussels. When they were at the palace, they saw that the King was present, so they decided it would be fun to project on the palace. There was no malicious intent.


So they did this worldwide? Has anyone seen this?

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