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  1. English isn't my native language and it was still impossible for me to deal with the lyrics on Drones. OOS Absolution BHAH Showbizz TR/T2L Drones
  2. Wow, what a subtle intro cut!
  3. "Paradise comes at a price that I'm not prepared to pay" was always really powerful to me, being born into a very strict christian family.
  4. People need to stop acting like Download is Wacken Open Air. People's heads aren't going to explode when they play a softer song. I've seen acts like Slash play ballads on Download (from his solo material, not from GNR), and the crowd responded really well to it. I think a lot of people there will be more disappointed if they don't play the more known singles.
  5. English isn't my first language and I still can't get over the lyrics on this album. Granted, my first language is Dutch, which is a Germanic language, so I can't speak for people who speak a Latin language.
  6. The only thing that could've made the ending cheesier was an uplifting modulation.
  7. The rock part in the Globalist should've gone on a lot longer. It was just getting good and then they stopped. I don't really dislike the outro. I think it's a lot more intense than Explorers and bombastic, but it's a wasted opportunity indeed. I'm loving Drones (the song). It's fucking weird, lol.
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