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Fuck, I cant sell it for that little.


Ebay just contacted my saying I've gotta pay £40 for seller fees (how the fuck?!) or else they'll send me to a debt collection agency, and I have no money! This also means I cant list any items so I can sell and pay it off :mad:


So PLEASE can someone buy my DL4? £125! (practically new)


Also, Behringer DD400, £20.


Tascam CD-GT2 Guitar Phrase Trainer/CD player, £60!

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if anyones interested i'm looking to sell my line 6 FM4 and DL4


looking at £150 each as they are immaculate only used a handfull of times and only in my bedroom, they are like brand new complete with psu and batteries fully boxed and the boxes are immaculate, no offers for these but would possibly trade depending on whats on offer, thought i'd ask here to see if there's any interest!

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And I need a whammy IV, as the MIDI on the new one is different


Trade? :awesome:


And MFC sold me something for £40, so he's no longer in trouble with ebay...unless he spent that money on something else.





Not an easy transaction to be honest.


What happened? You didn't actually kick this guy's dog, did you?

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Is that still for sale? might be interested if it's working properly. I don't think anyone else has one for sale at the moment, and this one is somewhat famous


what the whammy? Yeah I guess so, and all seems to be working fine, can change modes normally or by MIDI, all calibrated fine, it's just a bit scuffed up aesthetically

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