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Are you happy with the new kind of presale?  

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  1. 1. Are you happy with the new kind of presale?

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As I posted in a thread I'm sure no one will ever read, the tickets for the pre-sales were the same as the general sale. There were just much LESS of them.


I, for one, was very happy that both pre-sales were offered, even though my gig was in no danger of selling out.

It shows that the band/management was at least trying. Not allowing people to sign up after the announcement, or forcing us to pay for a Fan Club membership was also aces.


I also really like the paperless ticket thing. It went smoothly at my gig, and prevented scalpers from artificially inflating sales and forcing up prices of good seats.

(Disliked the VIP thing, though...)


However, the latest US pre-sale started earlier than the scheduled start time, and that was shitty. :noey:

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