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M1D1 Black videos?

Tom Wells

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Okay, I've got a little assignment to do for my music tech course, and I'm doing a little presentation.

I've got to have a video with it... So, I was just wondering if you wonderful Musers could give me links to some Youtube videos of the best performances with the guitar, please?

I'll then just mash it up into a video...


Also, any bits of info about the guiltar would be VERY much appreciated!


Thanks a lot :D

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Moved this to kit and tab, since it's guitar related and whatnot


as far as videos go, I'll see what I can find, but







bits of info? like specs and stuff?



Body: unknown (probably ash)

Neck: Birds-eye maple

Fretboard: Rosewood

Finish: matt black

Neck pickup: Fernandes Sustainer (single coil version)

Bridge Pickup(s): Pair of Bare Knuckle P90s

Special circuits: X&Y pad fitted along with a hold switch to control various midi supplements.



The official name is M1D1 black, but Matt calls the guitar "invincible"

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