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The kittentab jam-out thread


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So it was esperfrodo's fault this whole time.... :stunned:

Once you see my dungeon of doom, you won't be going back. Whether you want to or not :pope:



This basically sums up the entire feel of this thread. Bunch of dang pervs trying to plug each other's babies :D


I read the forumz but by the time i get to a computer there are usually 30 pages to the threads, so no use in posting haha.

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Shame there can't be a US knt meet up. Only about three regular posters...One in new york, one in texas, one in california...



and cheddatom, I didn't know you had a studio...are the floors nice?


I post heres every so often times toooo.

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Well, due to lack of interest I planned something else the 12th, so if someone wants to try organising this on the same date, that's fine, but if not: different date?


whenever! If we want a jam, it'd be cool if some regulars could make it up to mine. There'll be plenty of instruments etc. If not, fuck it, 'cos i'm no good at socialising.


I wouldn't mind driving an hour or two to somewhere else, it's just finding someone with a big enough rehersal space.

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