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  1. Hey all I just picked up this gem. It's a 1982 Fender Bullet Bass B30. It is amazing!
  2. Hey fellow Musers, Thought I'd drop in and plug my latest band Water District. Please check out our tracks on soundcloud. Thanks
  3. Here something my sister and i put together for our mum. Let us know what you think!
  4. Mostly it's gon be for recording but I'd prob use it live too cause i don't really like my amps pre.
  5. Hey guys I'm looking to get a pre-amp pedal for my bass rig. Right now I'm looking at the ehx bass metaphors, sans amp bass driver and mxr m80. Looking for a nice warm sound and a flexible eq. Any fellow bassists out there got any experience or thoughts on any of these pedals, let me know.
  6. How dare you photoshop such a beautiful bass. Though i kinda like the crazy fretboard inlays.
  7. I don't think so but they did make a doubleneck bass/guitar which would be pretty epic to have.
  8. Well having just seen Chris's bass at outsidelands. One of these But in the four string variety with red LEDs and as always, this
  9. Sorry to throw this thread back on topic, but he's got some cool stuff. I'm really liking that mirror light bass.
  10. Fresh off the reel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmhWebBsXJE Let me know what you think. We need honest feedback
  11. Hey guys. What a great show last night. I showed up late yesterday, about middle of arctic set, but managed to get to the barrier by the time muse came on, was far left on matt's side. Got one cool pic with the keytar. People were mellow where I was. Met a couple other muse fans. It twas good times. Black keys were pretty awesome as well.
  12. I might wear shorts but it was pretty cold over at the fields today with a very heavy marine layer. Will have to wait and see what its like tomorrow.
  13. Yay! Got to sf today. Gon go check out the festival grounds tomorrow, maybe sneak a peak at some muse sound check. Will let you all know if I hear anything interesting.
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