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  1. After 9 years Muse returns to Greece, this time as headliners to Ejekt Festival for their 4th career show in the country. After their last performance in Oct 4, 2007 the band got a quite bigger fan base in the country while the cheap ticket allows people to attend the concert. Fans from all over the country and from Balkans will be attending too. Pre-sale is sold out while few tickets left will be sold on the venue, at box office. See you in a few hours pals! http://muse.mu/tour-dates,athens-greece-ejekt-festival_3010.htm
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  3. Early bird tickets. That was it.
  4. Announced: Muse in Athens @ Ejekt Festival - 23/7/2016
  5. Greece will be open air festival. No seats except VIPs which will be just an open bar and a bit higher, but not closer to the stage than any other area. It's just a GA ticket and VIP ticket. 40 euros (early bird), 70 VIP (early bird) and goes on. So far at least, based on the previous -deleted- announcement. Its a matter of hours till the new announcement pops up.
  6. So it's a random but by turn system based on 'who ever reaches the venue first-order'?
  7. UP! How's pit working at a Muse show?! Considering Greece won't have any FOS tickets, how would this work?
  8. Olympic Stadium would be a possible choice because of high ticket demand. Anyway, the wait is over. In few hours (maybe in less than 1 or 2 hours) there will be the official announcement (or better said re-announcement) of the live in Athens and the pre-sale info by Ejekt Festival (and I guess by the website too)! Stay tuned. If the show is to go to an indoor hall then Stadium of Olympiacos B.C. (Stadium of peace & friendship) sounds a possible option as well as the indoor hall of Panathinaikos B.C. They can host about 20-30.000 people. (Seated and standing), else Ejekt Festival (Water Square/Plateia Nerou) is an open square placed next to the sea and it can handle about 10-15.000 people.
  9. Confirmed info: In few hours (maybe in an hour or two -that's my guess-) there will be the final announcement with all the info and details of Muse live performance at Ejekt Festival by the promoter and I guess by the band site as well. Venue, ticket prices and more will be announced tonight as well as the ticket prices! Stay tuned and see you in Athens people! 23/7 - Ejekt Festival, Athens, Greece. 2000, 2002, 2007, 2016. Show No. 4!
  10. Today there will be an official statement by the band and the promoter of Ejekt Festival where they'll announce the new pre-sale date for the Athens' concert on July 23rd, 2016.
  11. They dropped them off due to a procedural issue. They might be discussing moving the event to Olympic Stadium and include it at 360 tour. I can confirm that the show is going to happen and it will take place on July 23rd, 2016. I have confirmed information that pre-sale begins tomorrow as it was scheduled as i spoke with the ticket seller of the event.
  12. Confirmed. 23/7 Muse - Ejekt Festival, Athens, Greece
  13. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow is rumoured that Ejekt Festival (Athens, Greece) is expected to announce Muse as headliners of Day 2 of their festival. The band would return after 2007.
  14. Rumoured: Athens, Greece July 23, 2016 - Ejekt Festival, headlining Day 2. EDIT: Show might be Stadium show at the Olympic Stadium
  15. 23/7 Αθήνα. Ejekt Festival. Μένει μόνο η ανακοίνωση.
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